Primal Senses: your Taurus horoscope for 2021

Taurus horoscope 2021


Primal Senses

April 20—May 20

Venus meets Earth. Taurean energy is twofold; here to secure the self materially and financially as well as internally through your ever-developing relationship to your worth and value. Taurus, you have an incredible capacity to show the rest of us that when we are operating from the seat of our own worth and flavour, the Venusian abundance flows freely towards your magnetic self.

The Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses in May, June and December fall across your second and eighth house, highlighting your relationships and specifically, how your internal self-talk impacts your deepest unions. What narratives have you formed around your relationships? How do they impact the perspectives you hold here? This year you have the opportunity to utilise your intellectual curiosity and observe the thought loops, narratives and habitual patterning within your relationship dynamics – making conscious choices and curation around what serves and does not serve you here.

Both Saturn and Jupiter move through your tenth house this year, surveying your concrete identity out in the world. Saturn will ask you to look at the foundations you have built and are building within your work over the next three years. As an Earth sign, you already inhabit practical tools such as diligence and frugality. With Saturn here, you can use its long-game mentality, goal setting and practical application to firm up your existing work foundations or even lay down a new one altogether. With Jupiter also moving through this same territory, a broader perspective and the capacity to cast out new and expanded visions of your work identity are coming into focus.

Taurus, a question to ask yourself as you manoeuvre through this year is, does this next action, idea, conversation or experience align with my worth or take me out of it?


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