April’s Full Pink Moon in Scorpio will feel especially intense

Full Moon

April's Full Pink Moon arrives for us on Tuesday April 27 - with its fullest point coming at 1:31 pm. We'll have a glorious view of it on both the evening on April 26 and April 27. But make sure you keep your eyes to the sky especially on April 27 as the April Pink Moon is a Super Moon. A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is especially close to the Earth and therefore appears larger than a regular Full Moon.

Named the Pink Moon by Native American folklore, this Moon signifies the blooming of flowers in the Northern Hemisphere springtime. This year, the Pink Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio and it's going to be an emotional one for all of us. The Moon is notorious for making us moody and emotional, and with it positioned so close to the Earth, its pull will feel more intense than usual.

The peak of a lunation, Full Moons bring the themes of the current Moon Cycle to a climax. The seeds of intention you planted at the New Moon are ready to be harvested. This is good and bad. If you set yourself up for success and went into the new Moon Cycle positively, you can expect to be in a happy (albeit, slightly emotional) place when the Full Moon arrives. But if the current Moon has been dominated by stress, lethargy, anger or anxiety, expect these feelings to intensify as the Moon grows fuller. More so for this Moon as it's a Super Moon. Full Moons also have a way of illuminating us to the hidden influences at work. Expect sudden realisation and the uncertainties around you to become clear.

Adding to all this intensity is water sign Scorpio, whose energy is already intense for some. The most intelligent and sexual sign of the zodiac, Scorpio's are fiercely loyal, often vindictive and can be ambitious to a fault - all of which you'll know if you've ever dated a Scorpio. As such, we'll feel some hot-blooded, romantically passionate and all-round chaotic energy to come from this Full Moon. Expect intellectual, bordering existential conversation from your friends, some next-level horniness from your partner and some truly Slytherin moods from everyone else.

Then we have Uranus, which sits in strongest opposition to our Full Moon. This adds tension into the mix because Uranus is notorious for bringing some usually-not-so-fun surprises. It's best here to expect the best but prepare for the worst. It's balanced out slightly by four planets - the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus too - sitting in Taurus. This offers some earthy groundings for us to try and hold onto during the coming emotional rollercoaster.

The signs most affected by this celestial event are Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio. Leo nature does not normally gel well with Scorpio's jealous side and as such you may feel extra emotional and almost restricted. You'll also need to prepare yourself for some big learnings. Sagittarius will feel exhausted by the intensity of this Super Moon. Spontaneous and optimistic Sag will feel weighed down by the moodiness and emotional pendulum of the energy and people around this. Keep your head up and know this too shall pass. Scorpios too will be particularly affected. The energy around us will feel much easier for you to gel with, as it's an extension of yourself. And while it has the benefit of enhancing your positive traits, it can also enhance your negative ones too. Be mindful of this and remember to assume good intent.


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Image: Ganapathy Kumar on unsplash