April’s New Moon in Aries is here to give you a fresh start

The April New Moon greets us on Monday 12 April at 12:30pm. As such, our skies on Sunday and Monday night will seem extra dark, a fitting phenomenon to help many of us bid farewell to Daylight Saving time.

Arriving in the sign of Aries, the Moon joins the Sun in this cardinal sign - the first sign of the Zodiac calendar. As such, this New Moon is a moment of rebirth.

New Moons are always a time of renewal. As the beginning of a new lunation, this is the moment we should use to plant proverbial seeds and set the intentions we wish to see come to fruition during the Moon Cycle. Alongside the Sun and Moon, Venus and Mercury also fall in the first sign of the Zodiac Aries; more so than ever, the theme of this New Moon is new beginnings.


How to approach the New Moon in Aries

The huge Aries influence at the moment will affect the major aspects of ourselves. Our core personality ruled by the Sun, our love and relationships ruled by Venus, our communications ruled by Mercury and our inner selves ruled by the Moon will all come under the influence of this Fire Sign. But that's good news. Aries is courageous, energetic, driven and can be a touch competitive. These are all positive energies to have powering these planets and infiltrating the significant areas of our lives. And are the most beneficial to help you set goals and intentions.

To make the most of any lunation, it's said you should use the New Moon to plan ahead, set yourself up for success and perhaps even engage in Moon Rituals to help manifest the things you want from the future. With Aries behind us, powering us across so many areas of our charts, we should have no problem tapping into the motivation to tackle the big task and the ambitious goals that have been sitting stuck on our to-do lists for longer than we'd like.

In order to get what you need from this time of renewal, revisit the ambitions you've let fall to the wayside. Tap into and harness the energy from this New Moon to help you put your plans into action. Now is the time. Write down and make your intentions tangible, this can help you and the universe realise your plans for the future - and help you achieve them.


Which signs are affected most?

Of course, as with any celestial event, some signs are affected more than others. Naturally, Aries will be feeling particularly fired up at the moment. With so many major bodies sitting in your sign, the energy around you will feel natural and in tune with who you are as a person. But try not to let this quadruple dose of Aries put fuel behind your more negative traits. Aries can be tactless and competitive to a fault, so try not to indulge these blunter sides of your personality.

Also, some of Aries' worst astrological matches will have a trying moment during the New Moon. Pisces and Cancer do not gel with Aries' hot-headed brand of brashness and honesty - which our Water Signs can often mistake for plain rudeness. With so much Aries energy floating around, the world will feel a little harsh for these sensitive souls. Likewise, Taurus may also have some trouble adjusting. A lover of slowness, nature and fine things, this Ferdinand-the-Bull-esque sign won't enjoy the overly driven and hyper goal-focused mood of the next week. Just remember, this too shall pass.

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Image: Szabo Viktor on Unsplash