What is a Moon ritual? And how they can help unlock your hidden desires

The Moon is a celestial body that is said to influence many areas of human life. There is evidence to suggest that the Moon can affect our moods, our temper and can even send some pregnant women into labour. So, there is certainly an argument to be made that the Moon has a hidden power and influence.

As such, many people look to practices like Moon rituals to aid in their everyday lives. Moon rituals are about harnessing the unique power of the Moon at key points in the lunar cycle to help in manifesting your desires. It all sounds a little bit witchy, but really it's just about wishing for the things that you want and taking action to achieve them.

To find out more we spoke to mind stylist and energy healer Chala Guzel. An expert in the area, Chala assists people in discovering the power of using Moon rituals - she also is a frequent practicer herself. Here, she's answered all our questions about this practice; how Moon rituals started and how to use them, even if you're a beginner. Below, find everything you've ever wanted to know about Moon rituals and manifesting with the Moon


What does manifesting with the moon mean?

If you check your horoscope each month, there's a good chance you've heard about the enigmatic power of a New Moon. However, what you may not be aware of is that you can actually harness the power of the Moon to influence your attitudes, relationships and energy levels. A fresh start is summoned, and in turn, manifesting with the Moon comes into play. So what is manifesting and where do you start? In the simplest terms: manifestation is putting your intention towards something that you hope will happen. If you think it in your mind you can create it in reality.  It’s about understanding what it is that you want for your own life experience, and then creating those outcomes.

The New Moon symbolises a new cycle; an energy of new beginnings where you plant seeds and ask for what you want. The Full Moon represents releasing what no longer serves you; clearing and cleansing. When you manifest with the Moon each month, you’ll start to see your intentions come to fruition, given you maintain the rituals diligently. The end results are going to reflect the ongoing work of truly surrendering to the process.


What are the benefits of being aware of the Moon’s cycle and pull?

Being aware of the New Moon and Full Moon cycles have an abundance of benefits. It serves as an opportunity to take some time out for yourself, particularly given most of us are living highly demanding lifestyles where hyperconnectivity is on overdrive. Allocating this as self-care time for yourself each month is as beneficial for you energetically as it is mentally; it’s simply using your time to create space and check in with yourself.


What can Moon rituals help you achieve?

If you look at the habits of successful people and high performers, you’ll see a common trait in common; they all work on themselves, whether it’s self-development, mindfulness or spirituality. This is exactly what harnessing the power of the Moon can help you achieve. Moon rituals enable you to learn about yourself as a human being, while also assisting in self-reflection - they become a regular part of your life.


How powerful can it be?

In today’s modern world, there is still tremendous power in harnessing the energy of the Moon as it serves us to stop, whether it be alone or in a group, and breathe new life into any area of stagnation or place in your life where you would like to impact positive change. Although there are many myths about the Moon, it has been up there as long as evolution has been taking place, and lunar rhythms are embedded in the life cycles of every organism. The Moon impacts time, tides and light, and for many animals the Moon is essential for migration and navigation, so there is no surprise it has mood-altering powers?

So whether you think sounds a bit hocus-pocus or not, we have all actually experienced the push/pull effect of the Moon, even if you’re not consciously aware of it.


When should you undertake a Moon ritual – what stage of the moon cycle?

Roughly every 30 days we experience the New Moon. This period is essentially the beginning of a lunar cycle and takes place when the sun, Moon and earth are more-or-less in a line, so the sun almost completely covers the Moon. This cycle of the new Moon is dedicated to new, fresh beginnings, and serves as the perfect time to reflect on the previous 30 days, which we call the past Luna Moon cycle.

The New Moon aids us in setting new goals and intentions for the weeks or even months ahead, while also being a great opportunity for starting new projects, taking actions and coming up with fresh new ideas. We then experience the Full Moon roughly two weeks after the New Moon, when the earth is positioned between the sun and the Moon. Whilst the New Moon is dedicated to setting intentions, showing gratitude, coming up with new ideas and starting projects, the Full Moon is particularly powerful in letting go of negative energy that doesn’t serve you. During this cycle it’s a great time to say goodbye to things that no longer serve you, including people, experiences or toxic patterns that keep coming up.


For someone new to Moon manifesting, where would you suggest they start/or do first?

I would suggest connecting with a women’s community to begin with; there’s so many amazing groups all around the globe that host Moon rituals. It also serves as a great time to get together with like-minded women who are there for the same reason as you. Go in with an open mind and heart, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Alternatively, a great way to start is to create your own space at your home. These are my tips on creating a Moon ritual:

  1. Take a bath with sea salt to clear your field of any negative energies, or have a shower.
  2. After you cleanse yourself it’s important to cleanse the space with sage, which is a herb used to clear space and make it sacred for ritual. Light the end of the sage and blow on it until there is a smouldering glow. Use it around your own body, and in the space of your ritual.
  3. Now it’s time to clear your mind with meditation, using music or just quieting down in your cleared, sacred area. Start by lighting a candle, focus on getting present and letting go of everything spinning through your mind. Spend a few moments thinking about what you want to release, and what you want to call in.
  4. Next write down and be clear with your intentions for the New Moon. Journal prompts include:
    1. What do you want to accomplish?
    2. What do you want to focus on this month?
    3. What are your intentions?
    4. How do you want to show up?
    5. What actions steps will you take?

The secret to manifesting isn’t just visualising and creating a mood board, it’s taking inspired action steps towards your desires: showing up monthly for yourself to create intentional change.


What are the major or most potent lunar dates for 2021?

New Moon : Jan 13th, Feb 12th, Mar 13th, Apr 12th, May 12th, Jun 10th, Jul 10th, Aug 8th, Sep 7th, Oct 6th, Nov 5th & Dec 4th.

Full Moon: Jan 29th, Feb 27th, Mar 29th, Apr 27th, May 26th, Jun 25th, Jul 24th, Aug 22nd, Sep 21st, Oct 21st, Nov 19th & Dec 19th.


What’s something you think people commonly get wrong?

That by doing the rituals all your problems will simply disappear, which isn’t exactly the case. Moon ceremonies are about you taking the time to unwind, relax and invest in your personal growth. It’s a common misconception by some of the clients I work with that by closing your eyes and visualising want you want, things will start to happen. If this was the case, we would all be millionaires. Moon rituals are about setting intentions, planning and taking the right action steps, that then contribute to turning your desires into reality. Being consistent is a game-changer in this space.


Do you have a best tip or piece of advice you wish more people knew?

I think that generally speaking people underestimate the power of the Moon, however it’s an incredibly powerful tool that we’re given by the universe to achieve our goals and dreams with ease and flow, rather than with stress and anxiety. If more people got into rituals and understanding the New Moon cycles, I can guarantee they’ll reap the benefits. Personally, it changed my life dramatically, so much so that I host regular women’s circles to guide individuals through the practice. The combination of asking for what you want, paired with the clear and clean slate of the New Moon results in a potent recipe for creating the life you desire. It also takes consistency; you’ll need to commit to doing the monthly ritual to track the changes in your life and happiness.


What are the origins of Moon ritual & where did this practise start?

Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice that originated in Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China where Moon worship was a part of the culture. The phases of the Moon influence the growth or decline of plants, animals, and human life. Basking in the moonlight was seen as a sacred and necessary part of every cycle.


How helpful do you find Moon rituals with your work with clients?

There’s something incredibly soothing about having a Moon ritual. I use my Moon rituals as a way to reconnect and check-in with myself. Life can get busy, we’re all guilty about replaying stresses in our lives, worrying about the small things that fester into big things, which in turn can cause anxiety. In order for my clients to aid their busy mind and reset, I find it crucial to make Moon rituals a non-negotiable. Taking an hour to pause, reflect and express not only keeps you focused and feeling aligned, but also sets the tone for the month ahead. As my clients reap the benefits from each sessions, they feel more connected throughout their manifesting journey.



Chala Guzel is a Mind Stylist, IIN Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner and PSYCH-K® Facilitator based in Sydney, Australia. She assists her clients in energy clearing therapy targeting emotional blocks, helping release the feelings and life experiences holding them back while freeing negative energies causing stress and anxiety in-order to re-create new, healthier, and life-affirming beliefs. See more at her website or follow Chala on Instagram.


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Image: Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash