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Deepest desires – the ultimate gift guide to please every Scorpio in your life

Scorpio gift guide

"Scorpio, you navigate reality with a deeply transformative and often intense bandwidth that leaves most people in your wake. Your natural growth cycles see you often outgrowing and shedding skin, making way for new emanations of self." That's right, we have officially entered Scorpio season, and as astrologer Jules Ferrari notes in our Scorpio horoscope for 2021, this year has been all about new beginnings.

Powerful and always moving with intention; there's no doubting that Scorpios leave no stone unturned in the search for their highest self. While for some, this level of intensity is often misinterpreted as destructive or manipulative, a Scorpio's passion is unmatched. Regardless of the pursuit, a Scorpio rarely quits; and while you might not be able to read our minds, there are few things you can know with certainty when it comes to the most precious time of year – our birthdays of course.

Plucked straight from the heart and mind of a Scorpio; our favourite kinds of treasures extend beyond the dark and mysterious. While we certainly enjoy the gift of indulgence, there's more than one way to touch our hearts. Here, I take you through the ultimate Scorpio gift guide that is sure to win even the toughest amongst the star sign over. From sentimental pieces of jewellery us Scorpio's will sport unwaveringly for the rest of lives; to scents that leave their mark and everything in-between.


1. diptyque L'Eau Geranium Odorata EDT


2. Juste un Clou Ring

3. Wuthering Heights

Scorpio gift guide



4. Saint Laurent Sheer Mini Dress



5. Santa Maria Novella Liquore al Cioccolato



6. Tom Dixon Black Tank Champagne Glass Set


Scorpio gift guide



7. Gucci Embroidered Stretch-Tulle Underwired Bra and Briefs Set

Scorpio gift guide



8. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo

Scorpio gift guide


9. Bottega Veneta Dot Heel

Scorpio gift guide



10. Sarah & Sebastian Celestial Scorpio Necklace

Scorpio gift guide



11. Rory Dobner Zodiac Perfect Plates 



12. Tiffany & Co Bar Earrings



13. George Jensen Stainless Steel Sky Hip Flask

Scorpio gift guide



14. Golden Art Nouveau Tarot Deck



15. Balenciaga Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag

Scorpio gift guide

16. 2019 Occhipinti Il Frappato

17. Lelo Enigma


18. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Candle


19. Rahua Hair Elixir

Scorpio gift guide



20. Chanel High Boots

Scorpio gift guide


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