How is your Rising Sign different to your Sun Sign? We investigate

How is your rising sign different to your Sun Sign

It's much easier to chalk up all our oddities, traits and behaviours to our sun sign. But it's not actually how astrology works. If you want to dig into the minutiae of who a person is, it involves looking at a snapshot of the sky the moment they were born. This, understandably, can be overwhelming for most, which is why we often condense astrology, and the information is has to offer, to three signs: our Sun, Moon and Rising.

Most of us are familiar with our sun sign, and maybe you've got a rough idea of your moon, too. But what about your Rising Sign? Below, we're breaking down just what exactly a Rising Sign is – including how it's different to your Sun Sign.


What is a Rising Sign?

Your birth chart refers to the arrangement of the planets at the exact time you were born. Astrologers believe that a person's birth chart can provide powerful insight and data into their character, motivations and the recurring themes they will encounter throughout their life. Where your Sun Sign acts as an anchor for who you are, a Rising Sign (also referred to as an Ascendant Sign) represents how you see the world, your purpose, and in turn, can reveal how others view you. It's why so astrology apps like Co-Star refer to it as "the mask you present to the world," although a more useful metaphor would be that your Rising Sign is an illuminating map for your reality.

Another thing about Rising Signs is that they confirm what astrologers refer to as your "chart ruler" – the planet that will hold the most influence over your life. Basically, it's a game changer and can really open your eyes to recurrent narratives that will appear during you time here on planet earth.


How do I calculate my Rising sign?

Since your Rising Sign is dictated by what zodiac sign was ascending the eastern horizon at the moment you were born, you will need your exact time of birth to calculate this part of your chart. It changes every two hours, so best to consult your birth certificate or speak to a parent for a precise answer. From here you can speak to an astrologer, or take advantage of popular apps like TimePassages and Co-Star to understand what your Rising Sign means for you.

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