Reading between the lines: A breakdown of the personality traits of each zodiac sign

zodiac sign personality traits

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As 2021 draws to a close, there's never been a more valuable time to reflect on the year that was – simultaneously deciding how we will choose to enter the year to come. For some, the focus will be on shedding old skin, while for others, embracing new learnings will be front of mind. While we find ourselves in this period of transformation, it's wise to look inwards towards the qualities that encapsulate and dictate our spirit. Because let's be honest, a little self-reflection never heart anyone.

It's no secret that we often look to the stars as our guiding force – consulting with the universe to discover new things about ourselves and others. So, it only makes sense that they can also reveal the personality traits of each zodiac sign. That's if you're willing to listen, of course.

Where the RUSSH team is concerned, the stars have simply confirmed that our love of Tiffany & Co. jewels knows no bounds. What this says about our penchant for shiny desires, we're not quick sure, but more on this later...

If you're prepared to make some personal changes, or are stuck in the cycle of trying to understand why "people are the way they are", astrologer Jules Ferrari is unpacking the personality traits of each zodiac sign – from our greatest qualities, to our shadow expressions and our path for healing.

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