Let the universe decide: The best astrologers you should be following on Instagram now

best astrologers to follow on Instagram

It's no secret that here at RUSSH, we take astrology very seriously. In the same way that we digest the morning news, we look to the stars and planets to guide us for the day. Of course, we know that we're not alone in this avid pursuit for knowledge, assurance and celestial leadership, and thankfully, much to our delight, accessing this information has become increasingly easier. Thanks to, of course, the internet.

If you're a close follower of our astrology-inspired content, you'll already be well-versed in our round-up of the best astrology Instagram accounts delivering an excellent blend of humour, truth-telling and of course, a plethora of shareable memes. And while we all enjoy laughing in misery (and sometimes joy) at the misfortunes, shortcomings or personality traits of our zodiac sign, sometimes, we just need someone to give it to us straight. Which is why it was only fair that we shared with you our list of the best astrologers to follow on Instagram.

These accounts have it all – truly, they are the whole package. No matter what type of celestial content you're searching for, you'll be able to find a match within the accounts below. Whether you're simply looking for a constant and reliable stream of weekly readings, or prefer more advanced insights, the 9 Instagram accounts below are the ones to follow, and they're undoubtedly the best.

1. Jules Ferrari

2. Chani Nicholas

3. Missy Mitchell

4. Clarisse Monahan


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5. Colin Bedell 


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6. Diana Rose


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7. Jerico Mandybur

8. Alice Sparkly Kat

9. Natasha Weber


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