Your Leo horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

leo horoscope 2024

Your great Sun sign is such an interesting archetype. Many of you have this strong and internal personal mythos and even a sense of what some might call a destiny. Much of the journey of your sign is bringing into life the person you are in your own internal mythology. And that requires developing one of the earned attributes of your sign; self-confidence to be who you are. That sounds so simple. Yet, you know it isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. This is a supportive year for your sign, the major transits that are happening are mostly in easeful aspects to Leo.

The first two days of the year begin with Mercury retrograding in Sagittarius. Use that liminal stage between Christmas and New Years (and the Mercury retrograde) to really sink into the seeds you are planting for this new year. Specifically contemplate, how wide is my horizon? The width of your figurative horizon of possibility is a reflection of how wide the vista is for life to meet you through. With Jupiter in Taurus until May 26th, the first half of the year brings optimism, luck and opportunity to your realm of work and responsibilities. When it moves into Gemini from May 26th until May the following year, there’ll be a natural curiosity to explore what brings you meaning. This is a transit of mind expansion and in such a good aspect to Leo, it feels playful.

Your sign is also the realm of play and joy and fun, for the pure sake of it. This is medicine for you. Partake in it. The eclipses in Aries and Libra in March, April and October are also in supportive aspects. Which isn’t to say you won’t feel them, you will if there’s some juice there for you. With the South Node in Libra all year, there is this great opportunity to look at the ways that you may be playing into adapting yourself socially in a way that feels like a personal falsehood. You don’t need to play the role of someone that you are not. In fact, you’ll feel much more vitality and creative life force the more you enjoy playing the role of you. You don’t need to pander to the audience.

As a fire sign, it’s worth noting that all of the Mercury retrogrades take place in the three fires signs this year. We’ll be in one for much of your birthday season, starting on August 5th in Virgo and ending on August 28th in Leo. It’s worth contemplating the ways that you express and channel your fire. Fire needs to be regenerated regularly. It wants to be expressed and actioned, not bottled up. As a Leo, what are your channels of self-expression? You need them, whether you identify as an extroverted and flamboyant Leo or a more subdued and subtle one. Having those outlets is vital for you.

So, what does your destiny look like? That deep and quiet secret desire you rarely share with others. Does your life have room for this secret magic to unfold? You’re the architect. Make it so.

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