Destination / In Residence

Perfume as art: inside Kilian’s celebration at Melbourne’s Baroq House

With custom cocktails and canapés, under dim lights in Melbourne’s Baroq House bar, we toasted to the bond between perfume and art with Kilian.


Christelle Scifo’s songs to break up to

“It’s both a pleasure and a curse to love and feel things so deeply.” For our heartbreak issue, Fluerette’s Christelle Scifo told us the best cures for a broken heart and the songs to see you through.

Beauty / Health

How to handle your Saturn Return

It takes Saturn approximately 29.5 years to loop the sun and return to the exact position it occupied in our solar system the day you were born. And apparently it doesn’t roll up after all those years empty handed. It arrives with a juggernaut of baggage – yours.

Fashion / The Face

Spend a day in New York with Dilone

She’s the girl from Long Island, NY, who’s walked for Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney and danced mid-runway with Bruno Mars. With that covetable cut, infectious smile and achingly cool style, she’s got one name only and it’s one we won’t forget.