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Staying inside? Here are some isolation activities

It feels as though we’ve exhausted almost every option of home activities in the past three months, but as another lockdown approaches/is upon us, it’s time to get creative.



When will Rihanna release her new album?

Queen of everyone’s hearts and topper of the worlds collective hall pass lists. Rihanna won’t stop teasing new music.


Christelle Scifo’s songs to break up to

“It’s both a pleasure and a curse to love and feel things so deeply.” For our heartbreak issue, Fluerette’s Christelle Scifo told us the best cures for a broken heart and the songs to see you through.


Notes on heartbreak with Alexandra Agoston

“Love has taught me to see beauty and strength in vulnerability.” You’ve seen our Heartbreak Issue cover star before, but never like this. Now’s your chance to get to know model Alexandra Agoston, and catch a glimpse of our cover shoot captured by her partner Chris Colls.

Beauty / Health

Your essential recipe for home baked granola

There’s nothing as nourishing or wholesome than the smell of fresh baked goods in the home, and this choc puffed granola is sure to become one of your baking favourites in no time.

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A look inside Georgia Fowler’s beauty bag

She’s just like us. Raiding sample counters, skipping workouts in favour of downtime and embracing the curls she was born with. Georgia Fowler shares the beauty rituals behind that face.