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RUSSH Loves: a curated list of the perfect beach towel for your most fashionable summer

Beach Towels

Here are 5 beach towels for your summer.

As Australians, the words endless summer are familiar to us. We've really mastered the art of acquiring the right selection of fashionable essentials to make the most of our soaring temperatures. One everyday essential firmly on our agenda is that of the humble beach towel, a staple for those long leisurely days where the sun stretches well into the evening.

In recent years, we've seen something of a revival here. Whether it's oversized, round or Turkish, the beach towel is a statement piece in our ideal summer. With sustainability being such a focal point for us, we've been looking to smaller batch brands to lead the way, with a larger outreach of local and international labels now jumping onboard to include organic materials such as terry towel, cotton and linen within their design curriculum.

What's the difference between pool towels and beach towels?

For one thing the size. When lying on the beach it's vital that we have something that can cover most of our body. A standard pool towel roughly sits at roughly 27 x 52 in diameter. A beach towel is much roomier at around 30 x 60. This makes for a much more pleasant beach experience.

Are beach towels necessary?

When it comes to drying efficiency yes, most standard bath towels are made for effective absorbency. When we hop out of the shower we want our bodies to be dried quickly. While at the beach fresh from our dip it's more suitable for us to be following the fast-moving transition between drying off, lounging, and walking with it around our waist.

Taking these things into account we thought it best to put together a carefully curated selection of some standouts.

Poppy Lissiman Benji Towel

Loewe+ Paula's Ibiza printed cotton-terry towel

Carne Bollente Orange Wet Summer Towel

Carne Bollente Graphic Towel

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Images: SSENSE