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Sundrenched – 12 stylish umbrella brands to protect you from the Australian heat

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You know as well as I do that the Australian heat packs a punch. And when it comes to trying to find a shady spot at the beach during the summer, the chances –unfortunately – are slim to none. Unlike the European coastlines lined with beach umbrellas and sunbeds, Australian beaches are still a BYO affair; which means that packing all the essentials is well, essential. If you're planning on spending the day lapping up the sun and surf, it goes without saying that sun protection is vital. While the power of sunscreen should never go unnoticed, the reality is that our skin deserves a little more TLC. Your best friend? A beach umbrella.

Thankfully, the beach umbrella market has come a long way since the unreliable and less than stylish designs from our childhood – and truly, we are all better off for it. Arguably the trendiest beach accessory, the boho-inspired, gelato-reminiscent creations currently on offer are a hot commodity. With Australian's taking sun protection more seriously than ever before, these 12 beach umbrella brands have become the stars of the beach scene. Find out all the details on why their umbrellas are some of the best, below.


1. Sunday Supply Co.


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If you have been searching for a new beach umbrella for some time, you would have surely come across Australian brand, Sunday Supply Co. When the warm rays start to kick in, it's almost impossible to spend a day at a beach down under without spotting one of the brand's signature umbrellas. Each umbrella is finished with a fringe trim around the edges – adding to the bohemian aesthetic of the brand – and is available in a range of colours made from UPF 50+ premium polyester. Each umbrella promises to offer a two metre radius of shade with an extendable timber pole; perfect for a family beach day.


2. Business & Pleasure Co.

When it comes to chic, fashionable beach umbrellas, Business & Pleasure Co. has narrowed this business model down to a T. So much so, that it is virtually impossible to narrow your wishlist down to one style. The fact that the brand caters for all aesthetics – from white and minimal, to La Dolce Vita lemons is one of its biggest draw-cards. Beyond the visuals of course, is a sturdy, well-made, ergonomically-sound umbrella that proves that both form and function can co-exist. Every umbrella guarantees 98% blockout and UPF 50+; and is available in two different size dimensions to suit your needs. Business & Pleasure Co. also offer two larger styles – The Premium Beach Tent and The Premium Cabana. Both perfect for a long beach day with friends or extended family.


3. Harpers Project


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Many of us have come to know Harpers Project as a covetable source for chic homewares – from the brand's rattan chairs to gorgeous marble coffee tables. But their outdoor furniture, specifically the umbrellas they stock, deserve just as much hype. The site is a supplier for Business & Pleasure Coo. and stock the brand's two main styles; The Premium Beach Umbrella and The Holiday Beach Umbrella. So, you know where to head when the main site is sold out. The main difference between the two is in span and height; but aside from this small difference, both styles offer a UPF 50+ rating and 98% blockout. If you're someone who likes to spend all day at the beach or is looking for sun protection for the whole family, we recommend taking a look at the Premium Beach Tent for that extra coverage.


4. Salty Shadows

There are so many reasons for purchasing an umbrella from New South Wales-based brand Salty Shadows. Not only is the brand known for its unique umbrella designs, but Salty Shadows is also passionate and committed to reducing its environmental footprint. Scrap material from umbrella offcuts are used to create handles on their umbrella bags, tote bags and beach clutches; and the brand specifically uses an aluminium frame because of its ability to be infinitely recycled. The brand's umbrella is also extremely lightweight (2.5kg), while still offering 1.8m shade span.


5. The Beach People


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Trying to get your hands on one of The Beach People's covetable umbrellas is really a luck of the draw. They are almost always sold out and it's not hard to see why. Unlike some of the other umbrella brands on this list, the one-of-a-kind large plantation style canopy does have a slightly lower UV protection, offering UPF 30+. Definitely one for those among us who like a little extra sunlight but still with a stylish touch.


6. Sunny Life


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Sunny Life has long been a leader in beach accessories – from pool and beach floats to bags and beach game – they have it all. It comes as no surprise then that Sunny Life's beach umbrellas are worth considering. The colour range isn't as expansive as other brands, but boy are they sturdy. Which is a must when the coastal breeze hits. The brand currently stocks two different styles, one with UPF 30+ and one with UPF 50+. Match it with one of Sunny Life's beach chairs and you're set for a day in the sun.


7. Basil Bangs


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A Basil Bangs umbrella is like a Gelato-coloured trip to the Amalfi Coast. The brand's founders design umbrellas for those among us who aren't afraid of a little touch of colour in our beach lives, and truly, if there's one place that you can get a little creative it's with your beach accessories. As far as features are concerned, you'll get UPF 50+ protection and a 170cm diameter canopy. Basil Bangs umbrellas are also weather proof, made from a water resistant outdoor canvas.


8. Land & Sand

If you're on the hunt for a sustainable beach umbrella that doesn't compromise on quality or style, look no further than Land & Sand. The brand's umbrellas are made from recycled materials – the canopy from Repreve® Ocean Plastic and the frame from powder-coated aluminium foil. The umbrellas from Land & Sand offer UPF 50+ protection and a three-way tilt for all day protection.


9. ISSIMO Ombrellone Visconti


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As far as luxury beach umbrellas go, ISSIMO takes the cake. Not only is this umbrella custom made by the Italian label, but it has also been designed to resemble the chic Mezzatore Hotel & Thermal Spa umbrellas on the island of Ischia. Iconic, to say the least. Though we definitely recommend handling this one with extra care. Not only are they hard to get your hands on, but they're also a pretty penny. Totally worth it though for a taste of European summer.


10. Layday


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A branch built around the beach, Layday hails from Western Australia and among its offering of towels and cooler bags are a slew of stylish umbrellas. It's Coast Umbrellas are built in that nostalgic white-washed aesthetic, and are made from durable materials with a UPF 50+ protection canopy and carry-bag.


11. Skagerak

Falling under Danish design house, Fritz Hansen, the Skagerak Collection is an environmentally conscious furniture range crafted primarily with FSC™-certified teak and oak. Umbrellas are built in line with the functional codes of the design studio, sitting at the more premium end of the beach accessories category. The Catania style can be packed down into two pieces and features colourfast 100% spun polyester, while the Messina option has a double pulley system for easy opening and the canopy has been treated with teflon to withstand the elements.


12. Fatboy

A Dutch label that built a reputation for its beanbags has designed the perfect umbrella for when you're lounging poolside or on flat ground of any kind. It's bright Pop-inspired Sunshady parasol is another that leans into nostalgia with its classic flaps and white trim. It's straight out of a Slim Aarons photograph.

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