Are you an October or November Scorpio? How the month you’re born in shapes your sign’s traits

October Scorpio vs November Scorpio

There are many zodiac tropes: Leo's love attention, Geminis are two-faced, Taureans are stubborn. But have you ever looked at the traits of your sun sign and felt misrepresented? That's because each sign can be split into three different smaller versions. Known as decans, in astrology this term refers to the three subdivisions of a sign, broken up by degrees. In case you're new here, the zodiac wheel is made up of 360 degrees, and each of the 12 zodiac signs account for 30 degrees. So, if you want to get micro about it, Scorpio can be divided into three parts. It's why people believe there are noticeable differences between an October Scorpio vs a Scorpio born in November – but more on that in a moment.

Breaking down Scorpio decans

Scorpio season runs roughly from October 23 through to November 21, depending on the year. Each of the three decans are made up of 10 degrees, and a single degree equates to approximately one day. This means that the first decan encompasses all Scorpios born in October (and carries over to November 1). October Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, while those who fall in the second decan are ruled by Neptune, and the third, the Moon. Each of these planets have a significant influence on the traits of the people born under them.

October Scorpio

Scorpios born in October are under the influence of Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, and so embody what we consider the most typical traits of this sign. October Scorpios are more social than those born in the second and third decans, and can come off as more intense and cutthroat, too, in their search for truth and expansion. This quest can make them drawn to extremes, which has a tendency to lead to self-destructive behaviour. However, October Scorpios are tenacious and likely emerge from adversity unscathed and transformed. First decan Scorpios are also naturally competitive, and are dedicated and passionate enough to come out on top.

November Scorpio

Second decan Scorpios are ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy and delusion. People born in the second decan of Scorpio tend to be more spiritual and drawn to the occult. They're much softer than those born in October, and come across as dreamier and more enigmatic. This energy is best harnessed in creative pursuits, and as such, these Scorpios tend to be drawn into artistic roles and careers.

On the other hand, third decan Scorpios are ruled by the potent force of the Moon. This is where the tropes about Scorpios being mysterious, clandestine, and private come in. Third decan Scorpios are deeply empathetic and intuitive but are slow to trust, and if they feel slighted or betrayed, can become vindictive and vengeful. This carries over to their loved ones, as this brand of Scorpios are particularly loyal.

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