The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra is all about sensuality and surrender…

new moon eclipse in libra october 2023

Did you know that Libra is the only sign that is ruled by an inanimate object? This symbolism encourages us to rise above our impulsive choices and choose reason instead. But alas, it’s eclipse season and the Fates are stirring the cauldron of our destinies. This means revelations that come up suddenly may not make logical sense straight away, because putting it simply: they are answers for the soul to decode.

When is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra?

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra will happen at 4:55 am on October 15 in 2023, and asks us to embrace the unknown. We’re creatures of comfort and because of this we often fear what change will bring or not bring. But, our security lies in the very thing we often push away – acceptance. 

This is the first eclipse in Libra we’ve witnessed since 2013, reminding us that an important storyline is about to be woven. Assuming that Libra was the high priestess of a coven, she would magically govern devotion, love and feminine power. So, gather your sisterly witches around a cosy fire and pop on The Love Witch – it's spooky season after all.

The script writes itself. In order to channel the juicy wisdom from the New Moon Eclipse in Libra this October 2023, reflect on what devotion means to you, including how it can enhance your relationship with self-love. Pluto, the God of The Underworld aspecting this Moon may help you to realise why you've been feeling detached from your inner-self and lacking self-confidence.

An example of this may be learning to rebalance the time you’ve spent pouring into your career, or investing in hobbies that make you feel energised and creative. 


Surrendering to our love wounds

As this New Moon Eclipse is ruled by Venus, grant yourself permission to simply exist instead of trying to take charge of life’s programming like The Architect in The Matrix. Typically, at the heart of Venus is the willingness to surrender to all the soft and sharp edges when it comes to matters of love. And so, as Chiron, the wounded healer, joins the soiree, we may have to sit with our soft spots first, so that we don’t gloss over suppressed pain that requires urgent TLC. 

Psychologist Nancy Qualls-Corbett once said "unrequited love and abandonment are all part of Aphrodite's realm". In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the counterpart to the Roman Venus. When we look at the matters of lost love, we have an archive of information that can help us to learn from past relationship choices, and the unconscious influences behind them. Take some time out and ask yourself "What are my hopes and goals for future relationships based on what I’ve learned from the past?" When we take the good with the bad, we grow in wisdom, and make more intentional decisions about our own fulfilment and happiness.


Defining who we are outside of relationships

Another plotline to this Eclipse is understanding how your relationships have defined your identity. As the old adage goes "we become who we spend the most time with". This Eclipse window can help you understand how your inner circle is helping you expand on your goals, or whether you’ve over-relied on their advice on your own life decisions. Our loved one can want the best for us, but ultimately we are the deciders of our own destiny. Prioritise your own voice, and let the others fall back into the chorus line.


Conscious communication

This is the perfect time to clear the air in your relationships, or at least discuss matters that have been weighing on your mind. Libra is the sign of balance after all, and without a fresh slate it’s tricky to connect from a genuine place with the proverbial elephant in the room. Especially, since Mercury, the planet of communication, will be holding hands with the Moon. Perhaps, we’ll all be reminded that the true testament of a strong connection is how much honesty can be shared, without placing blame nor fleeing into victim mode.


Illuminating the power dynamics within our relationships

When two people stand as equals, it’s easier to see each other's perspective, even if we don’t necessarily agree. At the same time, if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and risk exposure, we can see if there are any codependent dynamics at play. In the book Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel, she writes "Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy. Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness." Thriving connections need intimacy and space, and these cosmic energies can reveal what little steps we can take to feel empowered within our relationships. A journal question you can ask yourself is "Am I comfortable advocating for myself?"


Rekindling past connections

It’s key to note that the New Moon Eclipse in Libra happening during October 2023 falls on the South Node, the karmic destiny point of the past. So, if you bump into a few fizzled out Tinder connections or estranged friends from high school don’t be too surprised. Nostalgia will be at play here and feeling nostalgic about the past can trigger mixed emotions: sadness, warmth and missed experiences. It’s okay to think about what could have been, as long as you don’t fall out of step with reality – from people to events.


Learning the art of sensuality

Rarely are we taught the true power of being intimately in touch with our sensuality. By knowing who we are from the root up, it’s an enriching voyage of self discovery. Sensuality has many subtle cues, and when wielded powerfully it heightens desire, affection, and closeness with those we let in our bedroom. Plus, it’s a powerful practice that can help to bridge the gap between your mind-body responses, supporting you to feel more embodied and grounded within your own body. Ancient rituals that took place in the name of Venus were used to feel creatively alive. Let your imagination guide you, relinquish yourself from shame. You never know where it will lead you.

Life is best lived when we surrender to the void – some things can only fall into our hands by surprise.

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Photo by Victoria Morgan on Unsplash