Don’t know what to wear for Halloween? Let the stars decide: Here’s what costume to try based on your sign

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So you've looked at our ideas for Halloween costumes, trawled through all the best spooky celebrity looks, and are about one panic attack away from saying "screw it" and dressing up as Mia Wallace for the umpteenth year in a row? Take a step back, relax, and leave it up to the stars. This is the Halloween costume you should wear based on your star sign. A match made in heaven... or hell?


Capricorn: Eldest Boy, Kendall Roy


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You saw this one coming Caps. Dust off your Loro Piana and start rehearsing "L to the OG". There was only ever one option for you on Halloween, and knowing your ambition you've got the funds to pull this off. A cap is essential to the look, accessorise with some aviators, a bomber jacket and that "eldest boy" entitlement.


Aquarius: The Met Gala cockroach


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All of those close readings of Kafka have finally paid off. I'm sorry Aquarius, but this is exactly the kind of strange, esoteric thing you'd do. While it's not exactly clear how best to construct a cockroach costume – do you wear brown stockings, a store-bought outfit, crispy little roach carcasses (you sick, sick person) – I'm sure you'll have a few ideas of your own. We just pray you can make this concept a reality... there's nothing worse than screaming into a pillow about your failed costume five minutes before you're meant to leave the house. Godspeed!


Pisces: Barbie


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We're sensing this will be a go-to costume for many this year, especially since you can just recycle the outfit you wore to the Barbie premiere. On the other hand, if there's no pink polo you can borrow off a friend, part of Barbie's charm is her versatile wardrobe. Pull out that ski suit you wore once and shelved, a snorkel, some skates, pink activewear, pajamas... The possibilities are truly endless.


Aries: Rihanna at the Super Bowl


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I know, I know, Rihanna is not an Aries. But! All Aries will want to channel this Loewe look Rhi wore to her Super Bowl performance earlier this year, the same one she announced her second pregnancy at. Icon behaviour. And exactly the sort of thing a fiery and impulsive Aries would do.


Taurus: Jane Birkin


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RIP our sartorial north star. It's only right that this Halloween the girlies pay homage to the late actress, model and musician, Jane Birkin. Who better to capture her spirit than the Venus-ruled Taurus, a sign that possesses great taste when it comes to art, sex, fashion, food, and all of life's greatest comforts. Locate a basket carry bag and slip on a crochet dress. Maybe hold back from cutting a set of bangs, though. If you need more inspiration on what to wear, see Jane Birkin's best looks here.


Gemini: Venus Retrograde


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Be real, Geminis, you live for the gossip. Which is why you alone thrived during the chaos of Venus Retrograde. While couples were splitting left and right, you kept your own personal tally and shared the tea with anyone who would listen. I know you've been preparing for this, so why not base your Halloween costume around all this research? You could dress as the jar of jam that alerted Shakira to Gerard Piqué's infidelity or the offending ring camera that put a wedge between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. This is your moment.


Cancer: Priscilla


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Sofia Coppola's Priscilla will premiere soon, which makes it the perfect time to start back-combing your bouffant and perfecting your winged eyeliner. Priscilla Presley has a host of famous style moments to draw from; classic reference points are Presley's iconic wedding day look or the fuschia shirt dress she wore after giving birth to daughter Lisa Marie. And if you needed a further nudge, we think it's fitting that high profile Cancerian, Lana Del Rey, has often paid homage to Presley in her music and style.


Leo: Jocelyn from The Idol


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An attention-grabbing Halloween costume is a Leo's bread and butter. And nothing screams centre stage like the skimpy, sexy outfits worn by Lily-Rose Depp in her starring role as popstar Jocelyn in HBO's The Idol. We suffered through the show so you don't have to, so here's a roundup of Jocelyn's best looks for your reference. Let us emphasise that the chain-smoking is entirely optional. Playing World Class Sinner/I'm A Freak on the dancefloor? Non-negotiable.


Virgo: Sam Kerr


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This one goes out to all the people who had their eyes glued to the FIFA Women's World Cup. The best part about it? It's deceptively simple. Find yourself a football jersey, preferably a Matildas or Chelsea kit, source a soccer ball, armband and some long socks, and tie your hair in the skipper's signature low ponytail. Bonus points if you can manage a backflip.


Libra: Gwyneth "I Wish You Well" Paltrow


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If someone had warned me that this trial would set off endless think pieces about quiet luxury, I would find retired optometrist Terry Sanderson and tell him to stay off the goddamned slopes. ICYMI: Sanderson sued Paltrow over a ski crash in 2016 in a civil lawsuit he ultimately lost. Paltrow demanded he pay a symbolic $1 in damages in a countersuit, all the while dropping into court each day wearing the sort of luxury capsule wardrobe that could cover a down payment on a house. There was lots of expensive cashmere, The Row staples, Celine and Prada. Although for Halloween, Uniqlo will do just fine.


Scorpio: Gabbriette


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Halloween is a chance for Scorpios to thrive – and not just because the holiday falls right during your season. Naturally shadowy and drawn to darkness, the goth, succubus chic look of Californian native, Gabbriette Bechtel, appeals to Scorpios. Try your hand at thin brows (here's a RUSSH guide), shimmy into leather pants, and if you don't already have an armful of tattoos, best draw those on too.


Sagittarius: Yes Chef


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Your adventurous spirit and thirst for life means you've got lots of things you want to tick off your list. Being a chef? Well, that's up there. Skip culinary school and throw on a set of whites for one night. Unlike the kitchen in The Bear, this is a low stakes costume, and suits whatever spontaneous antics you're bound to get up to.


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