Your Libra horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

libra horoscope 2023

In July, the South node will move into your sign where it will live for the next 18 months. The nodes of the Moon are two points in the sky where the orbit of the Earth around the Sun meets the Moon’s orbit of our planet; they indicate where we will have our eclipses. Having the South Node move through your Sun sign is very significant. The South Node represents the unconscious expressions of your archetype coming into the spotlight.

Here in Libra, this is the aspect of your sign that can lean on people-pleasing and self-abandonment to maintain the harmony of your interpersonal relationships. It can be avoiding a difficult conversation to keep the peace in the short term. It can be the build-up of resentment that comes from swallowing the words you wish you had said. If you have a Libran Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury in particular, you’ll know what I am talking about as you will have naturally played out some of these patterns yourself in your development. We don’t immediately land in the highest version of our Sun sign – we grow into it, often through exploring the more shadowy expressions of the sign first. 

As your sign is the first in the Zodiac to sense the wants and needs of others, many of you will have learnt to read the room before learning to read yourself. The eclipses in your sign and your opposite, Aries, will illuminate any of this lower Libran programming that you are still running. The North node, the antidote, falls in Aries and this is a healing balm for all of us in the collective, but particularly for your sign during this period. Our opposing signs hold medicine for each of us. The north node in Aries is innately and instinctually tapped into its wants, needs and desires and feels safe in going after them. If you don’t already have Aries archetypes in your life, go out and find some and observe how they operate. They know what they want, and they go about bringing it into their lives, as simple as that. This transit is a brilliant opportunity for you to create feelings of safety in claiming your desires, in having the difficult conversations, in knowing and upholding your boundaries. 

Venus, your ruling planet, will retrograde in Leo in your eleventh house of community and belonging from 23 July to 4 September. One way to work with this energy would be to tap into what you value within your communities. What are your shared values? And, how do you express your individuality and natural star shine here among your mates? In love, how do you want to be treated and valued? How do you want to feel? And, if for any reason you are dimming your star shine, this transit will make you aware of it. Take up more of your own space, Libra. We love your natural magic.  

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