Your October horoscopes are here: This is what to expect from the month ahead

It’s cuffing season, and un-ironically October begins in Libra. One of the most social signs of them all, Libra shines a light on our relationship dynamics and eloquently opens them up for inspection. The quintessential libra film award goes to Miss Congeniality. The byline for any aspiring Libran, is ‘she is beauty, she is grace’ Ruled by Venus, she charms with ease and has an acute eye for chic aesthetics. To add some weight to our Venus fan fare, it’s worth noting that the fashion icon Monica Bellucci has the Libran talisman. On the 24th, the Sun moves into the spell-casting sign Scorpio. Expect to feel electricity in the air, as the astral skies for October are gathering us all to step into our truest form of creative power, courage and intuitive awareness.


Enter spooky town. When Venus moves into Virgo in your 12th house of the ghostly past, you’ll feel the nostalgic blues hit your fuzzy little heart. The past always lives on, so call up your old bestie from high school for a midnight reminiscing catch up. Wherever you feel like you’ve given up your power, you can call it all back home when Pluto moves directly in your 4th place of emotional roots on the 11th. Sometimes we don’t realise how much we’ve been carrying from old chapters. But atlas, you’ll gain full clarity on what needs to be released. The power is in your hands. On the 15th, the new moon eclipse in Libra is all about you taking creative control of your life, and where you’re heading. If you feel like you’ve been coasting in the past few months, this is the kickstart you never knew you needed. Clap for yourself, because your vision won’t feel like you’re watching a static tv. The Mercury cazimi on the 20th will pick up where the eclipse left off, as it’ll give you a final reminder. Will you jump in the deep end or will you go stay in the familiar? Now to end the month, the full moon eclipse in Taurus on the 29th will nudge you to release any cynical stories about the future of your relationships. But, first it starts with you by looking at all of your hang ups on the wall.


You’re ready to lead, but who can come with you on your tour of world domination? When Venus in Virgo has her homecoming in your 11th house of friendly allies (on the 9th) perhaps you’ll see who you can truly depend on. But, the only way you’ll know is if you ask for an extra pair of hands. With your undeniable level of resilience, it’s easy to fashion as if you can handle it all. You’ll be fired up to take an authoritative position to get things done, but make sure that you don’t fall into the dark side of dictatorship.

Give everyone a chance to shape the shared vision, and choose what you feel is best for everyone involved. Around the New Moon eclipse on the 15th, pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal beside your pillow. As your 12th house of surrealist thinking may reveal strange motifs that paint an accurate picture about your nature within your relationships. Your main character era begins on the 24th, as it’s your season of rebirth and renewal. On the 29th the Full Moon eclipse tours your one on one connections. Warning: before you slip into a deluge of suspicion, make sure that you gather the facts before you make a skewed judgement. The grand finale offers you the opportunity to set your standards on how you want to be serenaded. Sensuality is at the top of your list, and the background sound track is Sade’s sweetest taboo.


No matter how much it frightens you, it’s time to take off your training wheels, and ride solo. Thank your teachers, because you’ve done all the studying and the theory. By the 9th when Venus moves into your house of career, she will guide you to synthesise all of the information into practical action. The New Moon in Libra eclipse graces your zone of soul tribe on the 15th. What mentors do you wish you had? Seek them out on linkedin, or even your local library. This is an auspicious window to connect with mystical guides who can help give you the wisdom you need to achieve your dreams. Stick with your values, and you can form allegiances that not only inspire you, but remind you to not give up. Don’t forget that success isn’t a linear path, and being the earth wandered that you are, you’d much prefer the scenic route anyhow! The Full Moon eclipse in Taurus in your zone of routine on the 29th, may show you how your routine needs an ios update. Take a note of how your body has been feeling recently. And, if you’ve been feeling out of sync with your body, this is a jumpstart for you to feel into the depths of your senses. Top up on your herbs, aromatherapy scents and nourishing foods.


What have you learned these past few months about your faith and belief about what you can achieve? If you believe that more expansion awaits, then you’ll feel an itch that you can’t scratch. It’ll only get even more intense. Venus, welcomed into your house of worldly exploration on the 9th, will leave a note on your mirror to ‘switch up the status quo’..even if that means you need to go and be a little wild. So, if there’s any pent up teenage angst that you still haven’t expressed, take them out on the town. By the time the potent new moon eclipse in Libra taps you on the shoulder on the 15th, you’ll have some pivotal career decisions to make. Filter through the options that look materially sound, to pluck out the ones that actually make you feel good from the inside and out. As your career house is ruled by Venus, it’s important that wherever you work, you have a period that you can rest to receive the best creative downloads. Give yourself at least a 2 week time frame to decide what feels right, as the Mercury cazimi on the 20th will likely leave you with some final considerations. Think bouji, luxury and decadent, because the Full moon eclipse in Taurus on the 29th in your 5th house of lavish fun will push you to splurge and spoil.


You’re an expert at making people feel like they know you, but you have a knack of keeping yourself at a distance. But, when Venus moves into your 8th house (on the 9th) she will be asking you to keep it real, and to put down your shield and armour. Intimacy is an art form, and this is your chance to shed some insecurities to learn about you (and perhaps another) more provocatively. Whilst, the New Moon eclipse in Libra on the 15th is an opportunity to chart the course of your next exploration. Whether it’s deep diving into a new course of study, or delving into the history of different cultures, it’ll all help you to widen your lens. Take a trip away from your hometown, as this is the bell to venture into the wide unknown. It’s just you, the sky and your invisible guardians in the forest. Take the Full Moon eclipse in your 4th house of home on the 29th, to help you gather your questions about your sense of belonging. This is a chance to get clear on what your community values are, so that you can release any sentimental attachments that have been holding you hostage. Book the next flight out into the far distant lands.


Venus illuminates your seventh house of relationships, as on the 9th she gives you outside perspectives to get you out of your head. Finding a healthy balance between your social life and hunkering down into the winter months is key. Plus, it’ll be hard to ride solo dolo this month. Expect people to just invite themselves wherever you go. Just remember that your boundaries are worthy of the utmost respect, but if you don’t mind some extra company, bring some extra snacks. On the 15th, the New Moon in Libra in your 8th house of soul binding connections, can help you to drop any superficial pretences to showcase your weird quirks. You’re likely to have friends from all walks of life, but even if it's a brief meeting, listen to the allegory behind their words. A conversation may hold a special message for you that you’ll need at a later date. By the time Scorpio season begins on the 24th, you’ll be ready to book a retreat to leave the mundanity behind. Just make sure that you’ve fulfilled your obligations first.


After the Full Moon in Aries shredded any lingering insecurities last month, you have the green light to make your artistic revelations visible in the public sphere. Mercury shifts into Libra (on the 5th) into your house of collaborations and Venus moving into Virgo in your house of work (on the 9th) are both working in unison. This is the perfect window to intuitively connect with potential collaborators and strategically filter out the golden egg. Who knows who can become a glorious second in command? In a nutshell, a powerful creative partnership can expand your field of vision to new heights. After all, who would Marina Abramović and Ulay have become without each other?

Between Pluto moving directly on the 11th and Mars moving into Scorpio on the 12th, this is a call to step into the change maker that you’ve always been. Sometimes that means shattering the glass ceiling within traditional institutions. Keep going and push further to shock those who are lodged stuck in a doctor who time machine. If anyone is here to take on the challenge, it would be you Aries, you were born on planet Mars. Meaning you were automatically assigned to accept the role of the warrior. So, slip into the gladiator arena and make sure that your Xena boots fit nice and snug.

Eclipse season is a mesmerising rendezvous for you, as it’s spinning in your house of close allies. Reevaluate your relationship terms and conditions. You may be surprised to find out that your past needs are no longer relevant to who you’re growing into. Paired with the Full Moon eclipse in Taurus on October 29th, this may land as a test to look past temptations that may lure you off of your ambitious track.


Before Mercury moves into your 6th house on the 5th, take stock of all of your creative ideas that you’ve been scribbling on pieces of paper. Are current obligations holding you back from living in the moment, or, conversely, have you prioritised comfort over risk? Whatever this answer is, it’s time to get a move on. Your primal self is activated in your relationships from the 12th as Mars in red-hot Scorpio, serenades your house of relationships. As much as Mars is always ready to launch itself into the battlefield, he can also help you to identify which hidden stories are causing friction in your one to one connections. Give voice to what you find, and you’ll soon see the relational waters calm once again.

On the 15th, the New Moon eclipse in your house of routine can illuminate what new pivot can help you to ascend out of a creative drought. Bonus question: when you imagine yourself creating your best work, what environment do you want to be in? Give yourself some time away from the digital landscape, to mine the data of ideas that are encoded into the back of your mind. Don’t overthink it, and start there. To complete this mission, the Full Moon eclipse in Taurus on the 29th, will give you the permission you’ve been waiting for to reinvent your image. Recycle your old clothes, get thrifty and pay homage to Weird Barbie ™ as those nearest might not even recognise you.


Beautifying your sanctuary for the cosy autumn nights will likely be at the top of the list as Venus spins into your 4th house of homely roots on the 9th. Think pumpkin spiced lattes, warm vanilla candles and fluffy socks. It’s a rare occasion that you choose to slow your laurels, but it’ll help you to recoup your creative energy for your next coup d'état. On the 15th, the New Moon eclipse in Libra lights up your creative zone. Taking your hand it’ll likely show you endless possibilities. But it's essential that you have the focus to decipher real potential from those that are only gold plated.

When we scatter ourselves in every direction, we won’t be able to watch over the seeds we’ve planted. What does it look like to start small to expand later? As the love child of Mercury, you can celebrate the Mercury cazimi in Libra on October 20th. This is where your inner mystics come out to play and enchant you into new dimensions of self discovery. But, it’s up to you to catch the symbols and messages that are paving the roads to unmarked lands. On the 29th, the Full Moon eclipse in Taurus moon walks into your unconscious. Even if you feel like you’ve been Men in Black’ed into the liminal zone, it’s actually the best place to unlock hidden talents you didn’t know you had. Sail inwards and descend into the bottom of your psyche’s ocean.


As Venus in Virgo moves into your 3rd house of daily rhythm on the 9th this is your excuse to experiment with your self care routine. What may have worked wonders for your inner goddess, may have run past its sell by date. The New Moon Libra eclipse on the 15th will show you that sometimes you have to expand beyond home, to know who you even are, and what you who you would like to become. Our true North is typically discovered when we voyage to somewhere new. How do we know what we want if we don’t have anything to compare and contrast it to? The dynamics within the fabric of your ancestral tapestry are under the magnifying glass. Without knowing the full history of our family tree, there are roots of who we are that we may not be able to piece together. So, if you’ve been curious about your upbringing and family connections, this is your chance to play detective. In fact, you may be able to get some clear cut answers around the 20th when Mercury in Libra cazimi in your zone of generational legacy. In a society that often celebrates the solitary path of the hero, it’s easy to forget it’s rarely ever walked alone. So, who resembles Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in your world? Because the Full Moon Taurus eclipse on October 29th is a portal for you to allow yourself to be held by your community. And, experience a visceral charge of togetherness and healing. It’s an intimate party for those you call soul family.


Your Venus retrograde era is over, and you’re ready to pay gratitude for what you have, how far you’ve come and the self esteem you’ve built over the summer. Affirm yourself over and over again, and watch your glow shimmer in every reflection. Venus moves into your second house of self worth and finances, and you’ll get to see what sacrifices are worth the extra room of growth. This could look like refining your financial hygiene, signing up to a new course, or avoiding invitations that feel more soulless than soulful. Virgo is excellent at snagging a good deal, but whatever you buy don’t scrape on the quality, otherwise you might pay for it in impending tears.

The fierce planet Mars bulldozes into your place of home grown comforts on the 12th, so that you can let go of unconscious fears that have been casting phantom fears of the future. This storyline will be even more magnified when Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 22nd October and the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 24th. In times of uncertainty, we’re not bound by rules, so you have free range to make colossal sized changes. Which old projects or baggage can you close out that will free you to move towards your manic pixie girl ambitions? You’re further on your career path than you think, and the full moon eclipse in your zone of legacy will remind you of that. All you have to do is tend to your piece of the land and mark your territory.


Leave anything that no longer resonates with the core of who you are at the door. Cleopatra is an embodied version of Venus herself, and she spins into your sign on the 9th. Yet, her help doesn’t come for free. She will likely challenge you to look at any underlying patterns that are pinning you away from embodying true courage. It’s all for your greater good. Take off the false masks that are hiding your true authentic self. When in doubt, ask yourself, what would Cleopatra do? Ordained as the second part of the Mercury clan, you’ll get to see how you’ve been taking on too many responsibilities. Why are you trying to prove that you can juggle it all? When the Mercury cazimi hits on the 20th, just know that it's okay to delegate tasks that will make you feel a little lighter and brighter. If you’ve been feeling like you’re playing a role in a cabin fever movie, then this is your time to break out of it, once the Full Moon eclipse in Taurus lands in your place of extracurricular activities on the 29th.

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