How to watch tonight’s rare Devil Comet in Australia (and what it means for you, astrologically)

How to watch tonight's rare Devil Comet in Australia (and what it means for you, astrologically)

Maybe it's just us, but right now, astrologically, there's a lot to chew on. From our entry into yet another Mercury Retrograde, to the recent Eclipse season, the skies have brought us plenty to think about. As we now land firmly in Taurus territory, we have another celestial phenomenon on the cards – one that only happens every 70 years.

The Devil Comet will be passing through our skies once more, and if you're hoping to get a good look at it tonight (or if you're just wondering what it means for you astrologically), then we've rounded up the answers to all your burning questions below...


What actually is the Devil Comet?

The Devil Comet – also known by its more scientific name, Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, or referred to sometimes as the 'green comet' – is a short-period comet and a rare celestial phenomenon discovered by Jean-Louis Pons more than a century ago in 1812.

The comet is estimated to be larger than Mount Everest in size.

The comet's passing by of earth is a rare lunar event that only occurs every 70 years.


Why is it called the Devil Comet?

The Devil Comet takes its name from it's outburst trails last year, that distorted to take on a horn-like appearance.


When and how can I see it?

Today, on 22 April 2024, the Devil Comet will reach peak brightness. Aspiring comet-observers are advised to look toward the western horizon around sunset time today for the clearest view.

However, while the Devil Comet will be visible to the naked eye, it's suggested that any aspiring astronomers grab their nearest pair of binoculars, a telescope or a good camera to see the comet in its full glory.

The comet should also be visible from Australia for the next week or so, but 22 April is tipped to be the best time to view it.


What does it mean astrologically?

Aren't we already going through enough astrological hiccups this month – what with Mercury Retrograde and the recent Eclipse? Apparently, no.

When it comes to the astrological side of things, comets are seen to be harbingers of change, upheaval or transformation. Today's Devil Comet sighting will fall as the Sun moves from Aries to Taurus, and is a timely reminder for introspection – particularly as it relates to the balance between the light and the dark, freedom and suppression, good and evil.


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