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Gwyneth Paltrow accused of serving looks

Gwyneth Paltrow's courtroom style

Gwyneth Paltrow has been implicated in a highly televised "ski and run" trial in which she's been accused of allegedly skiing into a retired optometrist at Deer Valley back in 2016. In the wake of the lawsuit, the actress is also being charged with having impeccable courtroom style as she shows up every day doing a terrible job at trying to not look like an incredibly well dressed millionaire.

Her tactful attempt at downplaying her wealth has, naturally backfired within the fashion community, who know that her "ludicrously capacious" brown bag is actually Celine, her glorious green coat is probably The Row, and her chunky platform boots are Prada. We do not mind a bit, and are gobbling up each look as she steps into the courtroom each day clutching a $10 bottle of water and what we imagine is a cup of the bone broth she so proudly announced she drinks each day on a recent podcast.

Celebrity court appearances have always been, for better or worse, rather entertaining for the public, and over all these years, we've been delivered with some highly memorable looks from those who have had run ins with the law. Who could forget the Instagram account that was devoted to all of Anna Delvey's trial outfits, which attempted to do their best at upholding the narrative that she wasn't a scammer because she didn't need to be. There was Martha Stewart who showed up with a ginormous Hermès Birkin during her trial for insider trading, and that time Cardi B wore a floor length feather coat with an ostrich feather hat for her court appearance for assault charges in 2019.

In the case of Paltrow, it's hard not to want what she's having even despite the allegations made against her, which, in honesty, sound more like something from a drawn out episode of The White Lotus or even Succession rather than real life. She lost half a day of skiing for crying out loud! Taylor Swift has been invoked, the vacation she was on has been put on the record as "very expensive", and she's seeking a single dollar in damages for her counter suit plus attorney's fees, in an attempt to prove that the plaintiff Terry Sanderson’s suit is designed to target her wealth and celebrity.

That's right, Ms Paltrow won't be played a fool, especially when skiing is involved. She didn't build a global wellness empire with bone broth for brains (debatable, at this point)! And in her naturally capitalist nature, she's having the last laugh despite what the verdict turns out to be. She's re-cemented herself as a waspy style icon, and watch her come out and reveal a Goop packaged inspired by her run in with the law this summer.


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