Your November horoscopes are here: This is what to expect from the month ahead

november horoscopes 2023

Tis’ the season when we undergo potent inner transformations, emerging from our cocoons as shimmering butterflies. Yes, you guessed it, we’re in the heart of Scorpio season. How many rebirths can we personally go through? Apparently more than we can count. But, there is such beauty in peeling back the layers of who we are, so that we can return to our truest essence. During the course, there is always room to take mini-breaks, so take a much needed pause when you need to. Particularly, after the whirlwind of last month's eclipse extravaganza.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, signals the dawn of a fresh chapter in our intimate connections, a transformative journey that might feel like a passage into the underworld. Much like Phoebe’s brief stint as the Queen of the Underworld in Charmed, this experience has the potential to unveil our own hidden depths and make us confront our shadow side. So, if you’ve been secretly yearning to experience connection beyond the mundane, step into this cosmic portal.

With the initiation into Sagittarius season on the 23rd, our inner wild woman is called to roam free. Think, Thelma and Louise on Route 66. Finally, as the Full Moon in Gemini ends the cosmic ball on the 27th, we’ll all be asking ourselves if we’re truly living in our authentic truth, or whether we’ve been wearing a mask all along.


Expect to be booked and busy, as you’re going to have to turn down a number of invites and soirees. Venus is the socialite of the planetary choir, and she’ll be moving into your relationship zone on the 8th. So, there's no better excuse to buy that new sparkly dress that you have your eye on. On the 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio can support you to sense where you’d like to experience the most transformation in your life. From finances, to relationships or even inner confidence. Get clear on where you want to fire this canon ball of energy, because Scorpio energy requires your precision. Who says a little slice of ‘delulu’ isn’t the secret ingredient to our dreams? By the time Mercury, Mars and the Sun transition into your zone of inspiration (10th, 23rd, 24th) you’ll begin to realise how much more is out there for you. The Full Moon in Gemini hits on the 27th, which may help you to figure out how to make your plans a lot more realistic. Without jumping into unnecessary hoops to get where you want to go.


From the moment you entered this world, you were gifted with extra sensory senses. Which often can make you feel sensitive to the outside world. But, as Venus sweeps into your house of health on the 8th, you can commit yourself to a new routine that doesn’t actually need to be overcomplicated. Allowing you to inhabit your body in full. Last month’s Full Moon eclipse in Taurus on October 28th may have led you to reflect on what could have been in your past relationships. Now, you’re in a position to establish a fresh start in your connections, free from the haunting ghosts of the past. When Mars pushes you to get in touch with your primal instincts on the 24th, you’ll be much more ruthless and unending about your ambitions. So, proceed with caution. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th serves as a torch to dissolve the mental haze, allowing you to broaden your vision and identify fertile opportunities of abundance. Whether that’s investing in your skill sets to earn more in the future, or seeing how you can turn a hobby into a lucrative business. With the right intention, mixing business with pleasure isn’t such a bad idea after all.


Your creative spark is on fire, to the point where you might find yourself slipping into the shoes of the free-spirited Clementine From ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotlight Mind’ As Venus slides into your house of creativity on the 8th, you might feel inspired to embrace a new hue for your hair, much like Ms Clementine Kruczynski, and explore fresh dimensions of your spontaneous nature. If your relationships have been missing some of it’s ‘za za zu’ exercise some caution when Mercury moves into your house of one to one relationships. Go light and steady, and the passions will begin to stir once again. Better yet, if there are any relationship questions that have been hanging in the balance, you can get clarity when Mars joins Mercury on the 24th. On the 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio can support you to reprioritise your career goals. It’s the perfect threshold to establish work boundaries that honours your time and precious energy. As the Full Moon in Gemini graces your home sign on the 27th, you can reconfigure your own avatar. You can discover what you’ve outgrown, to start anew.


It’s shaping up to be a snug and cosy month for you. When the sensual Venus moves into your homebase on the 8th you’ll naturally want to redecorate your environment that makes you feel more embodied. Sprinkle some rosemary and frankincense to cleanse and purify your living space. As a Cancer, your home serves as a private sanctuary, allowing you to escape from the noise of the outside world. Better yet, home transcends our four walls, and a question to ponder on is: who is your chosen family? Security is what you’re looking for this month, and so staying close to what you call ‘home’ will keep your fires burning. If you've been spiralling into a creative drought, you can be relieved that your free-fall is about to end, when the New Moon in Scorpio illuminates your house of creative potential on the 13th. As the Full Moon in Gemini dissolves the gates of your unconscious on the 27th, you can begin to separate reality from your irrational fears. At times, these two realms can blend into one, but your unconscious mind is receptive, allowing you to unpack the roots of your fears.


In your personal one to one connections, conscious communication is your strong suit, and you’ll know where you stand. When Venus enters your house of communication on the 8th, she sets up the right foundations to create the space in your relationships. Taking your relationships to a new layer of depth, where your inner child feels seen, heard and understood. As the New Moon in Scorpio lands in your place of home on the 13th, it turns your attention to answer questions like ‘Where do I truly belong?’ or ‘What new environments can help me to discover more of myself rather than box me in? In essence, your usual environment may suddenly feel quite suffocating. If you recall, Marianne from the iconic film ‘sense and sensibility’ Essentially, she had to dismantle her old life, to explore fresh terrain. Come the 27th, the Full Moon will shed light on how your visions have been taking shape, and how you can take them to the next level.


Significant relationship decisions may be looping on the horizon, especially when Saturn retrograde ends on the 4th. Venus feels her best, when she has the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants. Her magic graces your house of resources on the 8th, offering you a chance to get clear on what financial security looks and feels like to you long term. Nostalgia may creep in on you, on the 10th, when Mercury moves into your house of emotions. You might even find yourself dreaming about people from the past. These experiences could lead you to a deeper healing process that can help you to seek closure. On the 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio can help you to shed old beliefs that no longer align with your future direction, allowing you to open yourself up to new adventures. A new turning point in your career can help you to niche down in your zone of genius come the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th.


After your toil of tending to your desires, wants and wishes away from the public eye, the spotlight is finally on you. By the time Venus enters your house of identity on the 8th, it’s your moment to step into the limelight and make your grand debut. All the delicate refinements you’ve been working on over the past few weeks are now ready to be unveiled. You might initially feel a bit vulnerable, but the outcome will undoubtedly be worth it. With the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, you’ll be reminded that you’re an alchemist in your own right. This means that you can see how you can have multiple streams of income, so consider how you may be limiting yourself. As the Full Moon in Gemini shines its magic on the 27th, it’ll serve as a push to spread your wings. This expansion doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, it can be through new content that you absorb, or finding new places within the digital sphere to seek wisdom from. Either way, whatever size you imagine the world to be, expand it enfold.


Hidden admires might step out of the shadows, and any unspoken connect that’s been quietly brewing may transform into something more ‘real’ It’s akin to the skin of electric, undeniable tension that we all swooned over that Allie and Noah shared in the Notebook. With the New Moon in Scorpio in your home sign on the 13th, you’re offered an opportunity to shed any lingering remnants of imposter syndrome. This powerful lunar magic will remind you of your inherent power, don’t waste a second on over questioning what is already yours. As the second week of November rolls in, Mercury makes its way into Sagittarius on the 10th, opening up a more enlightened perspective on your relationship with resources. Instead of clutching onto what you own, you might find yourself considering significant investments that promise greater rewards down the road. If you’re open to it, the cosmos offers shamanic levels of healing that can target the core wounds you may haven’t tended to for a while when the Full Moon hits on the 27th.


This month is set to be a world wind of social activity for you, with barely a moment to catch your breath. It’s essential that you balance all the schmoozing, when Venus enters your house of network on the 8th. Grant yourself a solo cabin trip in the forest to recharge. A potential leadership role may make itself known to you, allowing you to act with a clear sense of purpose that is aligned with your bigger goals. Much like Buffy making the choice to be the slayer, this is your chance to embrace your unique quest, especially with Mars entering your house of self on the 24th. Reflect on the dreams you’ve penned on your wishlist for long ago, as the New Moon in Scorpio may remind you to act on it quickly on the 13th. When the Full Moon in Gemini shoots its arrows into your relationship zone on the 27th, you can gain insight into the connections that make you feel larger than life, and those that make you shrink. It’s also an opportunity to see how you’ve been allocating your time among your wide circle of friends, as any neglected relationship may come to the surface.


It’s no secret that you have a strong desire to ascend Mount Olympus on your career trajectory, much like the Capricorn Issa Rae, and her many accomplished businesses. As Venus enters your career domain, you’ll have the opportunity to redefine your approach to work. This may involve making significant changes in the way you handle your professional life. Ask yourself ‘What am I no longer willing to compromise my values for the sake of professional development?’ Starting from the second week of November, you’ll be practising the art of ‘moving in silence’ . Keep your lofty goals close to your chest, so that you can work on them without external pressure. A good deed never goes unturned, and by the time the New Moon illuminates your house of friends and allies, there’s a chance that a gift may come your way, as a reward for a past good deed. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th, may give you insight on how you can diversify your skill sets in different areas. If you’re a freelancer, this is an ideal time to set intentions to work with more aligned collaborators.


If you’ve been waiting to book a retreat all year, this is the perfect time to make it happen. With Venus entering your house of wisdom and expansion on the 8th, you’ll feel drawn to take a break away from the mundane so that you can seek spiritual fulfilment. We don’t need to book a luxury retreat to experience spiritual transcendence, you can create your own stylish retreat at home by dedicating more time to explore different philosophies and ancient musings. As Mercury shifts in your house of legacy on the 10th, your dreams and ambitions take a step forward. Additionally, it’s also an opportunity to dig into how self-doubt is currently stirring the ship, so that you can create control over your direction. By the 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio can help you to uncover what creative seeds have been budding to be planted. Then, on the 27th the Full Moon in Gemini has the potential to inject some vitality into your dating life. If they make your inner child light up, this connection is on the right track.


With Saturn moving directly on the 4th, you’ll find that you have the time and clarity to make more grounded and pragmatic decisions about where you want to be. This is your chance to proactively move forward with a step by step plan that doesn’t overpromise on what it can deliver. This is the season for heart to heart conversations, so make sure that you slow down to take in these rare moments of intimacy, you won’t want to miss it. Unexpected waves of fresh career ideas may lead you to take a pivot when Mercury transitions into your career house on the 10th. It’s key that you don’t let outside voices deter you off course. Walk down the yellow brick road, as you’ll never get to see what is behind those doors if you stay in the familiar territory. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, will help you to gain clarity on questions you’ve been sitting on the fence with, offering the clarity you’ve been yearning for. As the 27th approaches, The Full Moon in Gemini takes on the role as a peacemaker. Healing old family wounds that have endured for too many Moons.


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