January’s New Moon in Capricorn wants you to set intentions

It's with open arms that we dearly welcome January's New Moon. New Moons are a time of cleansing, a refresh and reset for the new lunar period ahead. Given the challenging start to the year, we could use a restart more than ever.

Our New Moon arrives on the afternoon and evening of January 13, offering us a chance to start over. And most fortuitously, this celestial event falls in the sign of Capricorn. The pragmatic and practical sign of Capricorn is all about hard work, tenacity and earthy determination. It's the perfect energetic influence to help motivate us to make those changes that we truly need to make - in order to shed the shackles of 2020 and move forward.

This time of rebirth and renewal is the perfect occasion to start your goal setting for the year ahead, because you will have Capricorn's industrious energy to help you along the way. Since the Sun is also currently sitting in Capricorn, we're all getting a double dose of inspiration from this hard-working sign. In order to set yourself up for success, lean into this energy where can. Use this time to set intentions, so this boost of discipline and drive can carry you through the year and help you achieve all that you want to.

Adding to the mix is Pluto, which is in conjunction with the Moon at this time. And of course, Pluto rules personal transformation and rebirth - a timely conjunct if there ever was one! So more than ever, we are being called to redirect our efforts and encouraged to make changes for the better. The universe is giving us the boost we need to prepare, but it will be up to us to use it.

In order to use this time to its fullest, get serious about setting your intentions. Be clear about what you want and write them down if it helps you crystallise your thoughts. Making these tangible can be very helpful to you in manifesting your desires. While you're feeling this motivation, take the opportunity to look for the things that ordinarily may feel too big or our of reach. Try outlining your career goals, setting up a plan to start your own business or get on top of your finances. These macro goals are daunting for most of us, but even if you're not normally good with numbers, you will find this forward planning easier than it has been in the past.

But know that Capricorn's industrious energy can emerge in different ways. You may feel the inspiration to be more domestic, explore new recipes and get on a health kick. It could be that you feel the motivation to plan a holiday (domestic of course). Or maybe you'll feel the desire to tick all the niggling tasks off your to do list.

Just remember, however this renewing energy comes to you, lean into it and open yourself to it fully. This is a time to truly start with a clean slate, use it well or you may find yourself repeating the mistakes of the past.


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Image: Brad Mann on Unsplash