Primal Energy: your Aries horoscope for 2021

Aries horoscope

Primal Energy

March 21—April 19

Aries, in its purest form, is primal energy. The initiating force that inspires action within oneself. The first to fire up and begin a new task, project or routine but also the first to yawn, get bored and move on to the next thing. Aries is sprinter energy.

With Chiron in your sign and first house of identity (2019 - 2027), there is a long-term cycle at play, looking at how your physical action and self-assertion is (or is not) in alignment with your wants and needs. Is your fire being cultivated and utilised in ways that work for you or that burn you up, wear you out or make you reactionary and angry?

With three of the four lunar and solar eclipses taking place across your third and ninth houses this year, there is a real emphasis on analysing the light and shadow around the meaning and values you apply to your own life. Are they aligned to the truth of who you are? Where do you gather your information from and how does it inform the beliefs and perspectives that you hold? Are your opinions based on facts or emotional reaction?

Saturn has begun a three-year transit through your eleventh house and Jupiter will be hanging here all year as well. Meaning that the groups you find belonging in and the group identities you have formed are all up for review; do they correlate with your values as well as your wants and needs? Are you free to express who you are amongst these communities or do you self-censor?

One way to navigate all of this is through observing your own energy supply, which for you, Aries, is your innate measuring tool. This is a powerful year to hone in on the curation of your personal field. To observe the who, what and where that either illuminates and sparks your energy or leaks your energy.


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