Authenticity and validation: your Leo horoscope for 2021

Leo Horoscope 2021


Authenticity & Validation

July 23 - August 22

Leo, your star shines brightest when you operate from the seat of your own authenticity. This forms one of the themes of your year, as three of the four eclipses will take place across your eleventh and fifth house, otherwise known as the axis of individuation.

Themes that could turn up within the eclipse cycles of May, June and November; where are you forgoing your own free speech and self-expression for your membership to the group, community and a sense of belonging? How wide or narrow is the perspective that you have on yourself? What beliefs do you have around your ability for self-expression, creativity and joy? How much do you allow your ideas of what the group may be saying or thinking about you to hamper or self-censor your own expression of ideas, or the formation of your own values and opinions?

Saturn begins a three-year transit through your seventh house, bringing to life a natural survey of the balance, or lack thereof, between who you are – your wants and needs – versus who you are amongst other people. How much, if at all, do you adapt to the other to ensure social cohesion or even validation? What is your relationship to validation? Do you find most of it internally or do you seek it externally? One’s relationship to validation is an important part of the Leo journey and observing this aspect of yourself will bring great insights. The more you self-validate, the more you inhabit your own power. The more you define your identity through external validation, the less you inhabit your own power.

And let’s be clear, Leo, inner authority, confidence, radiance, fun... these are all talismans to be collected within the journey of being Leo. You are here to shine, and your shine comes from allowing yourself to tap more and more into who you are and allow that being to radiate out into your world.


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