Clarity of self: your Pisces horoscope for 2021

Pisces horoscope 2021


Clarity of Self

February 19 - March 20

Piscean energy is hooked up to the amniotic fluid of the universe, it represents everything beyond time and space. Part of the skill set that comes with your sign is empathy and compassion – it’s easy for you to feel the energy and emotion of those around you. It can also be easy for you to feel confused and foggy when it comes to the boundaries of your identity.

Saturn will be moving through your twelfth house this year, natural territory for you as this is the house of everything beyond time and space, the subconscious and dream states. Having Saturn here will be a valuable opportunity for you, as the planet that rules time and space, form and structures. This is a strong time to review your emotional and energetic boundaries.

Pisces is essentially the experience of one drop of water while simultaneously being the experience of the ocean. Identity formation, clarity of self and curating your own space are all vitally important learnings for your energy, rather than being innate abilities.

Are you anchored into your energy and are you able to stay anchored into your own energy when out in the world? How can you direct and hone your energetic sensitivities to work for you rather than to swamp you? One of the great needs of Piscean energy is alone time, even if this is only ten minutes at the end of the day. It’s key to allowing you to integrate back into your centre.

The foundational axis of the fourth and tenth houses are highlighted for you this year with the eclipses on May, June and December illuminating the balance or imbalance between your internal integrity and values versus how you operate in the external world. What meaning have you applied to both your home life and your work life, do they marry up or is there a disconnect?


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