Ascending mountains in new ways: your Capricorn horoscope for 2021

Capricorn horoscope 2021


Ascending Mountains In New Ways

December 22 - January 19

2020 was monumental, particularly for Capricorn energy, since it was here that the metamorphic union of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter took place.
While collectively, we may still be in the chrysalis period of that metamorphosis, Capricorn, you will begin to feel into and even start to see the dawning of a new chapter this year.

Last year was so much to do with bringing more of your internal self, values and integrity into your concrete identity out in the world. While Jupiter and Saturn have now moved out of your sign, Pluto remains until 2024. This creation-destruction energy will continue to highlight something that can trip up your practical and sustaining energy; loss of control, loss of knowing the minutiae of how your plans will be executed and realised.

Capricorn energy isn’t interested in taking an elevator straight to the top – you innately understand the importance of building a solid foundation first as well as the practical intelligence to turn ideas, dreams and hopes into material form. Knowing the trajectory you are on is brilliant and sets you apart from other signs. Pluto is emphasising that how you get to where you are going may require some level of letting go and giving into tangents, curveballs and the mystery of things.

Saturn’s movement into your second house for the next three years is probably a very natural and enjoyable terrain for many of you. Essentially, what are the foundations I have around creating, storing and growing my material and financial anchor? What intelligent and sustaining practices or revisions do I need to incorporate to ensure my long-term financial health?

Saturn here will also focus on your relationship to your worth and value. What is the value you have applied to yourself and how is that working for you? All of these astrological movements bring with them a whole new level of dynamism to your sign and tool kit.


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