Primal Emotion: your Cancer horoscope for 2021

Cancer Horoscope 2021


Primal Emotion

June 21—July 22

Cancer represents who we are when no-one else is around. It is the depths of self, our soft and tender spots, the aspects that are often hidden away. The last three years and 2020 especially, have been astrologically big one’s for you; illuminating any balance and imbalance between the give and take in your relationships as well as your capacity to be vulnerable and open to receiving nurturance from others.

With this year’s eclipses taking place across your sixth and twelfth house, your conduit energy is illuminated. What is your relationship to your intuition and direct experience and how does this inform your own faith and the meaning you derive from existence? This axis also has a lot to do with your work. How do you translate your ideas and creative sparks into form? Your energy is cardinal, meaning that you innately have a lot of energy to get things started in the world, to take action and make things happen.

Saturn will begin a three-year navigation of the depths of your eighth house – the house of intimacy with self and others, the house of shadows and psychological insights. As such, your relationship to your vulnerabilities and how you express them (or don’t) within your deepest relationships will come to the foreground again. As your sign is so closely tied into primal emotion, it will be interesting to look into if and how your own emotional imprints and reactions to relational experiences become the truth of your experience.

More than any other sign, there is a need for you to feel at home within your own being, as much as you need a physical sanctuary to retreat to at day’s end to replenish and refuel your own energy supply – your own cup. How can you use this year to form routines around self-nurturance? What are the rituals that resonate with you and fill your cup? Regularly replenishing your own supply is time well spent throughout this year as its effects will spill over into all other aspects of your life.


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