Who will be affected by the June Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn

June's Full Moon rolls around on the evening of June 24, technically at its fullest point at 4:39am on the morning of June 25. It has been reported by some to be a Super Moon, although according to timeanddate.com it is not a Super Moon as the classification systems vary.

That said, since the last two Full Moons were Super Moons (meaning the Moon was close to the Earth), this Full Moon is a little closer to Earth than a regular Full Moon and will appear slightly larger - even though it is not a Super Moon in earnest. As such, its effects will be stronger than a regular Full Moon. Called the Strawberry Moon, this name finds its roots in Native American folklore as it signals the time that berries would be ready to pick and harvest.


What to expect from the Strawberry Full Moon

Full Moons represent the energetic peak of any lunation (aka lunar month). It is a time where the fruits of manifestations and seeds sown at the New Moon will be ready for harvest. It also helps to bring illumination and shine light on forces at work under the surface, bringing any of the themes of the current Moon Cycle to a head.

This Moon comes to us in the sign of Capricorn; a polarising sign. This is one that values structure, hard work and has little tolerance for drama or procrastination. Responsible, this sign is serious when it needs to be and is incredibly independent. But in the same instance, Capricorns know how to have a good time. So it can be seen as a rather auspicious Moon - at least by those who know how to take best advance of its effects.

The extra burst of Full Moon energy will be sending Capricorn vibes straight through your inner self - the side of you ruled by the Moon. And it is completely up to you on how to take that. But if you want to make the most of this time, lean into Capricorn's go hard or go home mood. Take this as the inspiration you need to dedicate yourself to your work. This is the push that will help you get recognised in your career, have you burning through that life admin and make you feel on top of your housework. And there is a real sense of accomplishment to be found here.

But, if you count a Capricorn as a close friend, you will know that this sign loves to party - and knows how to party hard. So while this Moon will compel you to be responsible during the day, be ready to feel the call of night once the Sun goes down. If you lean in, this Moon will have you will feeling like the most social version of yourself. Take the opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. The urge to leave the snugly cocoon of home during an Australian winter rarely arises, take full advantage when it does.


Which signs will be most affected?

While some of us (like myself, a Virgo) won't see anything wrong with this, some of the water signs that need a softer touch like Pisces and Cancer and the fire signs who prefer to do things their own way like Aries can struggle with the regimented energy of Capricorn.

Pisces loves to paint outside the lines, something that is firmly at odds with Capricorn's sense of responsibility. Then there's Cancer who needs to be handled with white gloves at the best of times, Capricorn energy doesn't have time for these extra flourishes. Cancers may find those around them to be a little more brash and less tolerant of their sensitive nature. For both Pisces and Cancer, just try not to take it too personally.

For Aries, who is frustrated by detail and process, Capricorn's love of structure won't gel well. While you are well-loved for your special way of doing things, Aries would be well advised to try and tone down their obstinance, during this time. Practice patience and try to understand that there is more than just your way of doing things - and know this energy won't last for long.

Both Capricorn and closely related Earth sister Virgo will be affected too, but very positively. Finally the world will understand your way of seeing things! Capricorn will relish the opportunity to buckle down and work harder than usual and Virgo, lover of rules and regulation, will feel like a fish in water.


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Images: Avery Cocozziello on Unsplash