Who am I amongst others? Your Libra horoscope for 2021

Libra Horoscope 2021


Who Am I Amongst Others?

September 23 - October 22

Libra, there is an astrological focus this year around how you communicate, your creativity, self-expression and your relationship to asserting and backing yourself. All of which are key to expanding and experiencing the full spectrum available within your archetype.

Your innate qualities are rather contagious; the refined sense of aesthetics, the capacity to be harmonised through beauty, the desire for creating and maintaining interpersonal cohesion, your social graces and the way you innately consider the wants and needs of others.

There is also the potential for this energy to avoid confrontation. At all costs. Meaning that you may be the one to acquiesce and compromise your wants and needs to maintain harmony.

Chiron’s long transit through your opposite sign, Aries, brings with it a lot of healing medicine, specifically around how you communicate yourself amongst other people. Are you direct? Do you express your wants and needs or are you more passive, suggestive and meandering? Do you self-censor according to how you think your words and actions may be perceived by others? If you ever find yourself feeling resentment towards the people you are in close relationship to, chances are you have been choosing harmony over expressing your wants and needs. This is an energy that can slip in to keeping the score and allowing things to bubble away inside. A more elevated use of your relational energy would be to verbalise your desires and expectations because let’s face it, how can we expect those around us to meet our needs if we haven’t made them clear in the first place?

Saturn begins a three-year journey through your fifth house, the terrain of self-expression, creation and fun. This is where practical intelligence and long-term visioning meets with your creative energy. This is a brilliant influence for an air sign, allowing your cerebral and aesthetic energy to better understand the benefits of taking action on your ideas with the grounded, earthly intelligence of Saturn.


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