Primal Information: your Gemini horoscope for 2021

Gemini horoscope 2021


Primal Information

May 21—June 20

Geminis, you take in so much sensory data that it’s easy to imagine you being the spy of the Zodiac; easily picking up the parlance of each person you speak to, mapping the contents of each room while you think through multiple scenarios for each move that you could potentially take.

Important themes are occurring for Gemini this year as the lunar and solar eclipses of May, June and December take place in Gemini and Sagittarius. Highlighting collectively and also individually, what our relationship is to information and facts and how we translate that information into our beliefs, opinions and perspectives. What is your relationship to the Truth?

You have a natural abundance of curiosity. The lens of 2021 is focussing on your relationship to discernment and the way you consciously curate exactly where your endless curiosity and communicative abilities are directed. Curiosity for the sake of it may not always be energy well spent. Your mind has a brilliant capacity to disseminate information and express it in a way that everyone can understand your message. How will you utilise this innate gift of yours this year?

With Saturn beginning a three-year tenure in your house of perspective, meaning and beliefs, the foundation of how you apply meaning to your existence is up for review.

With Jupiter also sweeping through your ninth house this year, your student/teacher aspect is activated, sparking seeker archetype energy within you;  highlighting the beauty of direct experience and action versus staying within the intellectual realms alone.

What is your relationship to your own words? Do you stand by them? Do you take action in line with your words? Do you exaggerate your word? As has been stated before Gemini, words are spells. This is a year to get thoroughly conscious of exactly what it is that you are crafting with yours.


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