Perfection vs. taking action: your Virgo horoscope for 2021

Virgo horoscope 2021


Perfection vs. Taking Action

August 23 - September 22

Virgos, your strong need to feel that your skills and talents are being utilised out in the world, that you are being of use, isn’t about to disappear anytime soon. When you feel that you are not self-activating here, your highly analytical energy can turn in on the self, manifesting as high-level self-critique, perfectionism and analysis paralysis.

Virgo energy is at its best when it has something external to focus onto, outside of the self. All of the routines, list-making and clean house, clean mind expressions are manifestations of your energy that allow you to automate a whole bunch of things so you can run at your highest and clearest expression and focus in on what counts to you.

The perfectionism, analysis paralysis and self-critique are the shadow aspects of your sign. Chiron is currently making a long-term transit through Aries in your eighth house – making you aware of where, how and why these shadow aspects rear their head within the creation and continuing development of your chosen craft. Specifically, look at how you do, or do not, take action towards your goals. Taking action is key for the health of your sign. Perfecting something over the long term is a brilliant goal, getting started on it is much more important.

Saturn has begun a three-year transit of your sixth house, natural territory for you. In tandem with the eighth house deep dive, Saturn will allow you to survey the foundations of your relationship to your work and purpose, if there are new skills to be acquired or old ones to refine, you’ll naturally work towards this now. Saturn also brings with it the beauty of practical application; how can you practically apply yourself more and more towards your goals and how can you practically utilise your shadow and light expressions to work for you rather than against you?


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