The July Full Buck Moon in Aquarius will affect these star signs the most

Our Full Moon arrives in a climatic peak of energy on the evening of Saturday July 24 - although it will technically be at its fullest point at 12:36pm AEST that day. With the weather forecast predicted to be just slightly cloudy for most Australians, we should get a good view of it rising in the sky on Saturday night.

Named the Buck Moon, the term is derived from the time of year that the deers of the Northern Hemisphere would have their antlers fully grown. The naming convention takes it's roots from Native American and European cultures. As for the Sign, this Moon comes to us in the Air Sign of Aquarius, the innovator, bringing a welcome change from the fluid, heightened sensitivity of the last few weeks.

The Full Moon arrives at the same time that we draw Cancer season to a close, and opens the door to the new Leo season. It is auspicious timing that can help us make the energetic shift we need to take, in order to approach the second half of the year with enthusiasm but also with objectivity. Cancer season is often an emotional time fraught with hyper sensitivity. It's a time when people are at their most compassionate but it can also be mentally and emotionally taxing. Leo season on the other hand is all about high energy, confidence and outgoingness. It is quite a change in tone, but our Full Moon is here to help us manage the transition.


How the July Full Moon will affect us?

Full Moons represent the climax of the Moon Cycle. It is the peak of energy, the crest of the bell curve and a time to harvest the seeds and manifestations that were sown at the New Moon. Now, is the time you'll see the benefits of the hard work you've invested. But also, be aware that the Full Moon intensifies the themes of the current lunation, so it's important to embrace the right energy and reject what doesn't serve you. As this Moon sits is Aquarius its effects will be far reaching.

Aquarius is a thinker, a true innovator and trained communicator. Champions of social justice, these are the ones that rebel against conformity. They are technologically savvy and if you know an Aquarius, you'll find these are the people that help you better understand the world around you. So our Full Moon in Aquarius will give us a reinvigorated energy to create and innovate. Now, is a moment when you'll be hit with big brainwaves and ingenious business ideas, if you should choose to embrace the energy of the Moon. Communication will flow easily and you'll feel impassioned to be the best version of yourself. This Moon is intense but offers us all the opportunity for many positive changes.

The problems arise from Aquarius' reluctance to open up and its aloofness. While Aquarius is deeply emotional, it's a sign that prefers to put its feeling into a box and push it aside. For this reason, Aquarius is not always the easiest person to share a relationship with. We'll all need to resist the Aquarian urge to brush off emotions and ignore the feelings of others - and our own. Nothing good comes from ignoring issues of the heart. Better to unpack it all now, rather than letting everything boil over at a later date. We'd all be advised to keep this in mind as we approach the Moon and the days around it. Feeling your feelings is a strength, not a weakness.


Which signs will be most affected?

Fellow Air Sign, Gemini will be feeling especially at home during this Full Moon. The enhanced, communicative energy of this Moon is exactly the mood Geminis thrive in. They love to talk and they'll very much enjoy that the feelings around them are now mutual. Geminis also have a strong sense of social justice and thrive on this commonality with Aquarius. Capricorns, likewise will be feeling like all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. These no-fuss signs will actually enjoy the Aquarian energy that encourages us to table our feelings for a later date. Emotions can be a hassle and Capricorns will enjoy a 'mess-free' moment to dig into their work. The innovative energy of Aquarius will also serve them well, helping them to work toward their bigger goals.

It may seem unlikely, but Pisces will also do well under the innovative energy of Aquarius. Although these people won't entirely vibe with the Aquarian sense of aloofness, they will absolutely click with the renewed sense of innovation. Pisces is a sign that loves to colour outside the lines and think of things in a new way and Aquarius' entrepreneurial energy will help to fuel this passion. Unfortunately, Cancer will have more trouble. This deeply emotional sign relates to others through heartfelt moments. With everyone feeling more willing to bottle their feelings, Cancer may feeling lonely and craving deeper engagement.


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Image: Ingmar on Unsplash