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Grab your tissues! It’s Cancer season, and this is our edit of the best gifts for the Cancer in your life

The sensitive crab. In the words of Jules Ferrari,  "Cancer represents who we are when no-one else is around. It is the depths of self, our soft and tender spots, the aspects that are often hidden away. The last three years and 2020 especially, have been astrologically big ones for you; illuminating any balance and imbalance between the give and take in your relationships as well as your capacity to be vulnerable and open to receiving nurturance from others."

A sign grounded in deep feeling and intuition, Cancers are ruled by the moon; the celestial body that represents comfort, care, and maternal nurturing. Homebodies by nature, Cancers are cardinal water signs, meaning they possess a unique ability to move between material and emotional realms. For those shopping for the treasured Cancer in your life, sentiments that go beyond the materialistic are your safest bet. Beyond that, gifts for the home are also sure thing, given that you're dealing with a serial homebody.

Below, find our round up of gifts for the Cancer in your life. From nods to water for feeling, journals for soul-searching, home objects for nesting, and sentimental pieces for all of the emotions. Show your Cancer how you care for them so with our Cancer gift guide.


SANTANGELO Big Daddy El Kram Bracelet


LIDO SWIM Venti Gradient


LESSE Soothing Lip Balm




BIRKENSTOCK Boston in Mocca Suede


Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain




RELAX LACROSSE Hunter Green Mesh Short


MOLESKINE Classic Notebook

cancer gift guide


LE LABO Labdanum 18


PAR FEMME Ooh G-Spot Vibrator


L’OBJET Côté Maquis Bath Salt


TEKLA Flannel Sleepwear in Beyond Red




LAMY Vista Fountain Pen

Cancer gift guide



Cancer gift guide


Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty by Phoebe Hoban

Cancer gift guide

BODE Herrington Striped Sock

Cancer gift guide


AUDIBLE Membership

Cancer gift guide


D.S & DURGA Breakfast Highlands Candle

Cancer gift guide


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