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Grab your tissues! It’s Cancer season, and this is our edit of the best gifts for the Cancer in your life

The ever-sensitive crab is coming out of its shell. In the words of Jules Ferrari, "There is something so wonderfully complex about your sign, Cancer. There’s much to glean from your inner world by looking at the movements of your ruler, our Moon. A cyclical creature that spends half her time waxing and growing in light (taking action/being in the world) and half of it waning (receding into your own inner and outer home, nurturing your own cup). "

A sign grounded in deep feeling and intuition, Cancers are ruled by the moon; the celestial body that represents comfort, care, and maternal nurturing. Homebodies by nature, Cancers are cardinal water signs, meaning they possess a unique ability to move between material and emotional realms. Cancerians are emotional primality, at its finest and its most forthgiving. There's no one like a Cancer to vouch for their loved ones without question. For those shopping for the treasured Cancer in your life, sentiments that go beyond the materialistic are your safest bet. Beyond that, gifts for the home are also sure thing, given that you're dealing with a serial homebody. As long as you're dealing with their heart in your decisions, you're in steady hands.

Below, find our round up of gifts for the Cancer in your life. From nods to water for feeling, journals for soul-searching, home objects for nesting, and sentimental pieces for all of the emotions. Show your Cancer how you care for them so with our Cancer gift guide.


SANTANGELO Big Daddy El Kram Bracelet



LIDO SWIM Venti Gradient



Someone on Holiday Loves Me Towel


LESSE Soothing Lip Balm






Sarah & Sebastian Birthstone Necklace



BIRKENSTOCK Boston in Mocca Suede



Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain






Daria Boyfriend Riot Jeans



AESOP Murasaki Aromatique Incense Holder



MOLESKINE Classic Notebook

cancer gift guide



LE LABO Labdanum 18



ADER ERROR Indigo Pelt Jacket




L’OBJET Côté Maquis Bath Salt



TEKLA Flannel Sleepwear in Beyond Red




LAMY Vista Fountain Pen


Cancer gift guide





Cancer gift guide



Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty by Phoebe Hoban


Cancer gift guide



BODE Herrington Striped Sock


Cancer gift guide



AUDIBLE Membership


Cancer gift guide



D.S & DURGA Breakfast Highlands Candle

Cancer gift guide




Stella Mccartney Beige No War Cap





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