You’ll want to schedule in some time for deep, emotional healing, because the final full moon of 2023 is in Cancer

full moon in cancer december 2023

Atlas, we herald around the last Full Moon in the sign of Cancer of the year on December 27th at 11.33am (AEDT) which will make a lasting impression on us into the New Year. Not only does this Moon have the power to induce deeper levels of healing, but it’s offering us a chance to embrace new levels of emotional clarity on experiences we’ve accumulated this year. The experiences you might have buried underneath all of life’s business. We can’t hide nor run, because this Full Moon will likely pierce into the core of our soft spots. Leaving nothing unturned or unaddressed. So use this Moon’s alchemy as an opportunity to speak from the heart and give yourself the space for others to offer their healing balm to you too.

Practicing gratitude

As the Full Moon in Cancer will be touching closely to Jupiter in Taurus, this is an incredibly reflective time to think about all the changes that we’ve been through and acknowledge how it’s shaped us. Jupiter is the optimist who can see a lesson in all of life’s twists and turns. In fact according to professor Robert A. Emmons “gratitude is good medicine” His research shows that the practice of gratitude can have profound effects in a person’s life. By lowering blood pressure and improving immune function. Even if you didn’t tick off your manifestation goals for the year, you’re enough just as you are.

The writer and creative Zora Neale Hurston once said 'there are years that ask questions and years that answer’ Truly, there are some years where we feel as though we aren’t experiencing any traction in our lives. Where we’re working behind the scenes without getting noticed. And on the opposite end of the scale, there are some years where there are bigger tangible successes. Either way, don’t let your successes or failures define your sense of worth.

Honouring your ancestral stories that have made you you

Known for their family loyalty and devotion, Cancer’s hold family values close to their heart. In essence some of us may dive into our family legacies. Especially during the festive season we tend to connect with family members we rarely ever see beyond a vintage photo album. Full Moon’s tend to reveal what once was hidden, and there could be a special revelation that can help you to piece together missing gaps within your family.

It can take us by surprise the amount of similarities we have with people in our lineage who were born several generations ago. Maybe you thought you were the only artist in your family, and under this full moon you find out that your great great great grandmother was a famous artist in her hometown. Often our family histories become lost, and so this would be an ample time to create a family tree, and become the secret keeper of your ancestral legacy.

Refining your own creative voice

Saturn in Pisces is in a harmonious aspect to the full moon, and Saturn can help us to further commit ourselves to our creative projects into the new year. Supporting you to refine your own unique creative voice that sets you apart. Remember, your vibe can’t be copied. So, what does it look like to define your creative work that honours your authenticity?

Believing in higher possibilities that are tangible and realistic

Jupiter has been travelling into Taurus since May 13th and the charismatic planet has been helping us to get real on making our goals a reality. Rather than just an idea that only shines in our imagination. Essentially, he is powering us to have more faith and belief in other higher possibilities that are realistic. Jupiter in Taurus says to dream as big as you believe you can make it real. Everything in the world started as a singular idea.

Opening up the space for forgiveness

Cancer represents the archetype of the ‘mother’ in astrology, and she has incredible levels of compassion and empathy. This Full Moon may spark you to show others forgiveness and initiative a sit down conversation to mend open wounds. Forgiving people can help us heal emotionally and move on from past hurts. When we hold onto anger, resentment, and other negative emotions toward others, it can lead to stress, anxiety, or even physical health problems. Forgiveness can help release those negative emotions and allow us to feel more at peace.

At the same time, it’s important to note when you’re over-giving and not prioritising your own emotional needs. Reflect on your close relationships this year, if you feel as though you put yourself in last place to other people's expectations and demands, this is the time to create firm boundaries going into the new year.

An end of year ritual

To close out the year with this Full Moon, a burning ritual can help you to release negative feelings and call in your desires. All you need is a white candle, incense to cleanse the space and paper. First, light the candle, and burn the incense. On each piece of paper, write down one thing you are calling in, sending out or releasing. If you’re calling in a new job, write down specific things that you’re looking for in a job. When you’ve finished writing down your lists, say each intention out loud and burn the paper. Watch in gratitude as the burnt pieces float away into the crisp air. And just to add a little more sparkle, it’s only right to sign off with some words of faith from the Cancer Moon native Taylor Swift “This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.”

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