What will the first month of 2024 bring for your zodiac sign? Here are your January 2024 horoscopes

january horoscopes 2024

Welcome to the new year, everyone – and what better way to kick off 2024 than with our January horoscopes? It's rather iconic that the mischievous Mercury completes its retrograde dance on New Year's Day, allowing us to emerge from the whirlwind of 2023 with a clearer and more focused mind. To add to the cosmic spectacle, January is dominated by the planets in Capricorn, notably Mercury, Mars, Venus, the New Moon and partially Pluto. Essentially, waving the green flag to go into the year with a solid plan, to make decisions that pave the way to a visionary future.

Come January 20th, Aquarius season takes the stage, inviting us to draw inspiration from visionary figures like Toni Morrison, Shakira, and Chloë Moretz. They serve as muses urging us to cherish our unique talents and boldly share them with the world, contributing to the creation of a new zeitgeist. The entrance of Pluto into Aquarius on the 21st is a major turning point, ushering in an era of change, revolution, and innovation that will weave into the very fabric of our cultural landscape. Brace yourselves for a space-age epoch where no idea is too ‘out there’ so dare yourself to be great.


Oh, Aries, as the natural trailblazer (and yes, I know it can be exhausting!) get ready to lead the pack in January, stepping into larger-than-life shoes. In the cosmic spotlight, the New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th will crack open your career domain. Empowering you to seize control and define the role you're determined to master. When in doubt, just remember that you are the blueprint.

If the path ahead seems uncertain, consider enlisting a mentor to steer you towards your next breakthrough; after all, every heroic journey benefits from a guiding hand. Come the Full Moon in Leo on the 26th, embrace a creative rebirth, shedding any limiting beliefs that hinder your visionary pursuit of ambitious goals.



January unfolds as a month of boundless exploration for you. It's a literal shedding of the old to make room for the new. So, grant yourself the freedom to navigate the path ahead without committing yourself to any rigid plans that don’t have room for you to be flexible. This a unique window for experimentation, a chance to challenge your preconceived notions about the world. Stepping outside the familiar for a while can open doors to experiences that leave you in awe.

As the Full Moon in Leo slips into your house of home and roots on the 26th, your family dynamics become the focal point. There’s nothing worse than family expectations being pressed over your own dreams. Make the brave choice to use this cosmic opportunity to reclaim your personal power from any familial influences that may have sought to dictate your steps. When Uranus turns direct on the 27th, it marks a homecoming—a celebration of owning your path despite the machine trying to force you into complying with trends.



If you think just cruising on the surface is enough, think twice; the Capricorn planetary dance in your zone of transformation pulls you into the shadows. So, if socialising feels less enticing, chalk it up to the cosmic circus. This period packs a powerful punch for delving into your innermost self, unravelling new narratives and visions.

Yet, before crafting fresh tales, be prepared to cast old aspects of yourself into the flames, freeing up space for you to advance towards your North Star. When the Full Moon graces Leo on the 26th, it serves as a catalyst to nail your Q1 goals, arming you with the tools to bring them to life.



Even if your heart's set on a cosy Netflix and chill night at home, brace yourself for unexpected invitations and surprise guests crashing the scene. Your relationship zone has never been busier. Embrace the spontaneity, for this month is tailor-made for collaboration—exploring partnerships that can shed light on the parts of yourself you haven’t been willing to share. Creative allies with the right synergy can not only refine your plans but also act as the cheerleaders your inner child yearned for.
As Aquarius season rests in your house of inner transformation, you might come across someone who may change your trajectory and show you the true breadth of your power. Challenging you to take up an offer you’ve never attempted before. Come the Full Moon in Leo on the 26th, your financial realm bursts open, presenting an ideal moment to invest in a creative project or a hobby that serves as a healing balm.



We all tend to get more health conscious in January, and tend to tail off towards the end of the month, but this month you’re going to be focused on your health and work balance. Especially when Mars moves into Capricorn on the 5th. If you felt burnt out last year, this is a great time to take a practical approach on creating necessary boundaries so that you don’t have to repeat toxic patterns.

The Full Moon on the 26th in your home sign can help you to double down on your natural talents. Supporting you to lean away from a path that doesn’t feel aligned with your core nature. Sometimes we can force ourselves into boxes and assign ourselves to labels that don't shine a light on our effortless gifts. Use this lunar energy to embrace authenticity and break free from any self-imposed constraints.



Discover romantic ways to infuse romance into your day as your house of creativity and dating overflows with vibrant fresh energy, reminding you to get into your bag of elevated living. Whether it's treating yourself to a bouquet of flowers or pausing to savour the morning birdsong, these little pauses offer a fresh appreciation for the gift of life.
Harness the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th to prioritise more time to engage your body and senses. Whether it’s indulging in a salsa dance class or anything that reconnects you with your sensuality. A vivid dream on or around the Full Moon in Leo on the 26th, might make itself known to you. Leaving a lasting impression and a message you can’t ignore. Either way, consider the Full Moon as an emotional detox, supporting you to release any pent-up angst.



They say home is where the heart is, and this is a perfect moment to discover your sense of belonging. For some of you, the idea of packing a backpack and crossing the confines of your hometown may be crossing your mind. As the planetary mash up of Mercury, Venus, Mars and the New Moon in Capricorn resides in your place of home is in the driver seat. What new culture have you always been fascinated by?

Don’t dwell on it for too long, and just book a one way ticket. Let the spirit of adventure propel you forward this month. The upcoming Full Moon in Leo on 26th marks a gateway to encounter new faces and strengthen your commitment to community. Whether it's dedicating time to volunteer at a local community centre or offering guidance to someone in need, embrace selfless motivations and witness the truly rewarding nature of these actions.



Get ready for a whirlwind of ideas and plans swirling through your mind, laying the groundwork for your 2024 world-building adventure. Don’t wait for things to come to you, so be quick to act on new inspirations that you’ll be channelling by the minute. Meet the universe halfway and take proactive steps to actualise your boundless imagination in real time. All you have to do is follow your creative pulse, so that you don’t fall into the trap of doubting your every move. Or, create fear-inducing narratives that lean on the side of fiction rather than truth.

As the Full Moon dances across the starlit sky on the 26th, it may illuminate areas where you've been playing small in your career or where you might be hesitating to take a new career risk. When Uranus finishes up its retrograde dance on the 27th, you may ask yourself where you’ve traded freedom for comfort. But, if you’re not careful, you might opt for a more dramatic ‘Cleopatra’ approach to cut away the chains that have been holding you back!



Your values and principles take centre stage this month, urging you to remain steadfast in your convictions, even when faced with tempting offers that don't align with your ethos. Out of all the zodiac signs, you, more than most, place significant importance on living in harmony with your own philosophy, and it's crucial not to backtrack at this moment in time.
With the upcoming New Moon on the 11th, your zone of abundance and security bursts open, signalling the need to make sure that you don’t have any legal admin half completed. Or, even signing contracts you haven’t taken the time to digest and highlight. It would be wise to put any verbal agreements in writing. The Full Moon graces the sky on the 26th, your mind may crave escapades capable of altering your brain chemistry, as the lunar Goddess enters your house of exploration. Embrace the prospect of crafting a tale to tell in your golden years, whether it involves making a spontaneous decision that sets your adrenaline soaring or taking the hand of an unexpected invitation.



Now that Mercury Retrograde has come to a penultimate end, you’ve probably discovered along the way that your working patterns and even home life needs reshaping. So, take the first 2 weeks of January to ask yourself ‘What new work-life adjustments can I make that could make my day to day run more smoothly?’ As you grow and evolve your lifestyle also needs to adapt towards where you’re stretching and expanding. The month you’re at the centre of all things, where recognition comes with the package. And the New Moon in Capricorn, gracing your home sign on the 11th, opens up a new doorway of new found confidence.
With the upcoming Full Moon in Leo on the 26th zooming into your house of power, you may find yourself standing up to someone or an institution that has perhaps limited your creative expression. Be your own advocate, state your case, and shake the table. You may be surprised at the outcome. Or, you might even choose to take a step back from connections that constantly make you question where you stand. Whichever way the pendulum swings, you’ll be proud of your voice.



For optimal results, prioritise honouring your boundaries and embrace the power of saying 'no.' With Mercury, Venus, Mars and even the New Moon blasting open on a soul level between the 5th and 23rd. Your future self will thank you for popping your phone and diary on ‘do not disturb mode’ so that you can prepare yourself to enter a metaphorical cave. A space of profound metamorphosis where distractions are intentionally kept at bay.

Treat this time as if you were locked in an artist's room with only paint and canvas to keep yourself busy. Pluto moving into Aquarius on the 21st asks you to step on to the front line, but before you can go full blast, January is an opportunity granted by the universe for rest and introspection. So, grant yourself the luxury of guilt-free time with your soul—a special lapse in time you can title the first chapter in your 2024 journal your "eat, pray, love era”


In the past year, you've been in the process of crystallising your myriad identities, and discovering who you are from the core. Saturn in Pisces has been a wise teacher helping you cultivate a new level of inner strength and a deeper understanding of your beliefs and how each of them have been directing your life up until now. As you step into the new year, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the New Moon pile up into your house of future visions, urging you to get real on your dreamy ambitions.

Time is a precious resource, and this is an invitation to commit to your desires without constantly questioning your direction. Have you noticed that the more questions you ask yourself, the more confusion sweeps in? If you want to start strong, you’re going to need to have a supportive routine as a grounding force. And, you’re in luck as the Full Moon in Leo on the 26th, will help you to construct a routine that gives you freedom and discipline to make your dreams come true.


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