Your Capricorn horoscope predictions for 2024 have officially landed

capricorn horoscope 2024

Well, it’s finally here, the last dance of Pluto in your sign takes place between August 31st and November 18th this year where it will sit, the whole time, at the final degree of Capricorn. Pluto, this wildly deep, psychological and transformative beast of a planet has been in your sign since January of 2008. It’s role in a personal sense has been to embolden you with your own power. In the context of Pluto, true power comes from navigating your own underworld and shadows, from moving through the deep initiations of self knowledge. These deep dives into your own identity (Sun) will have worked to forge a greater sense of self, of who you are and what you bring to the figurative table of life.

On a collective level, your sign represents society. Just look at all that has taken place collectively, since Pluto has been here. The ruler of your sign, Saturn, continues its navigation through Pisces, the boundless embryonic fluid of the cosmos, the realm of creativity and mysticism. While at first it seems like an odd match to have the lord of time and space and a symbol of reaping what you sow in such an ephemeral archetype, the possibilities here are intriguing. While having a loose direction to apply your energy towards brings a lot of safety and security. Is there room in your directions and earth-bound movements for the ineffable mysteries of existence to be experienced? If you are rolling your eyes, then I’m talking directly to you.

With Saturn in Pisces, the scope of what is and what can be, the range at which you can tap into your own wisdoms, intuitions and creativity is greatly enhanced. Creating more space in your calendar and tuning into the less rational parts of yourself may reap many benefits. In part because you have the capacity to bring life to things. In Pisces, those ‘things’ are new worlds as yet untethered to reality. Basically, this is a good year to take yourself fishing off-world in the cosmos. There is always more than what you know, sense and see. There’s something very liberating in that for your sign. The majority of the time that Mercury retrogrades this year will be in all of the fire signs.

As your sign can naturally see the long game and beautifully plot the way forward for yourself, these retrogrades in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will give you opportunities to pause and reflect on how you take action towards your goals. How efficient is your use of this element? When we marry these fire retrogrades with the North Node being in Aries all year, there is a distinct pattern in ensuring we are making the most use of our willpower and intentionality. You’re the architect of the Zodiac, you are masterful at making the plans. This year will give you clarity around your deeper motives and desires and with that, more action-oriented energy to move towards them.

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