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A big hello to Gemini season with our gift guide for the air sign

Geminis, our airy-fairy residents of chaos. With a proportional eye for the interesting and the wonderful, they are discourse-heavy and light on conflict. Moulded after twin brothers Castor & Pollux, they develop in twin worlds, refracting a non-constrictive binary of opposite ends. One mortal and one immortal, the two manifested jointly through duality and componential modes of being. Our creatures of fickle intent also present a two-in-one front in all aspects of life. There's certainly enough to go around in one sign.

Contrary to public discourse, we love our Geminis. We aspire to their lengths of curiosity, their latitude for higher expression. In the lyricism of Lana Del Rey: I was one thing, but now, I'm living another. Who but a Gemini to wade between two realities? Who but a Gemini to commit us to the freewheeling creativity of whatever life will bring?

This season, we are honouring the dual nodes of the best to do it. One of the most malleable of the air signs, they have a license to express (and sometimes, to wag their tongue...) Not that we're complaining. Their intelligence and nerve to get to the bottom of life's most contested make them more attuned than most to the value of a thought out, inherent gift. A Gemini will be the first to placidly accept a faux pas - only to later direct their dissatisfaction through the lime-green multiverse of their close-friends function on Instagram. This we are unwilling to accept.

Now, as we head into Gemini season — which usually runs from May 21 to June 20 but starts on May 20 to June 19 in 2024 — here is our shortlist of all the ways to wrangle and honour a Gemini through gift-giving. Below, there's enough thought and craft to keep any air sign upbeat. Geminis may come third in the astrological chronos, but these selects will make them feel first in any realm.


Aesop Reverence Duet


Pandora Sparkling Gemini Charm


Table for Two, Amor Towles


Chou Chou Personalised Wild Rose Knickers


Em on Holiday Byron Hisbiscus Beach Shirt


Frank Green Stone Reusable Bottle


Cucina Italiana Cooking Class


Loewe Brown Butterfly Glasses


A Tahaa Affair Glasshouse Candle


A. ROEGE HOVE Black Ivy Tank Top


Rabanne Linked Wood Shoulder Bag


We're Not Really Strangers Card Game


Centara Grand Osaka Stay


Jacquemus Cubisto Leather Pumps


MaxMara Tan Teddy Coat



Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow



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