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A big hello to Gemini season with our gift guide for the air sign

gemini gift guide

Our Gemini friends are some of our most dear. They are intelligent, intuitive, outgoing and always up for a memorable day out. Their charisma is what draws us in, yet we stay for their humour and enthralling conversations. Some of our favourites include Stevie Nicks, Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney, Cillian Murphy and Nicole Kidman. And yet, while time spent together is always a riot, sometimes shopping for them on their special day can be a task. Hence why we have taken it upon ourselves to draft up the ultimate gift guide for your Gemini friends.

You'll often find Gemini's with a book in hand, with anything from contemporary fiction to historical biographies their literature of choice. Their outgoing nature is reflected in the expression of oneself, never afraid to experiment with colour or new beauty tools to add into their rotation. Impetuosity is inherent to their personality and the decisions they make, with the impulsive nature of their life at times both a blessing and a curse.There's always going to be a memory made with a Gemini, and that's why they deserve something special for their birthday.


Sunday Lane Gemini Woman poster

Mecca Max off duty BB cream with SPF 15 

La Mer The Hand Treatment


Sarah and Sebastian Celestial Gemini Necklace

Sunbathing – Isobel Beech

Gucci Jordan Horsebit Loafers

Loewe Confetti Leather-Trimmed Basket Bag

The Curated Classic Coat 

A weekend staycation at EOS 

Public Figure Gemini Beach Towel 

Marle Mimi Jumper

gemini gift guide

A spa day at Longview Vineyard

gemini gift guide

XRJ Lumiere Candles

gemini gift guide

Cleopatra and Frankenstein – Coco Melors

gemini gift guide

Maison Balzac Pomponette Vase

Chanel Butterfly Sunglasses

gemini gift guide

Missoni Home Cotton Terry Towels

gemini gift guide

Saint Laurent Le 5 A 7 Monogram Shoulder Bag

gemini gift guide

Rimowa Aluminium iPhone Case

gemini gift guide

Zafino Mikayla Necklace

gemini gift guideIf you're celebrating belatedly for your Taurus friends, there's no need to fret on what to purchase them as a present. For a thoughtful, considered gift that celebrates the best of their traits, our Taurus gift guide is here to help you ensure a late celebration is still one filled with excitement and joy.

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