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The shining star – a gift guide for the Leo in your life

"And let’s be clear, Leo, inner authority, confidence, radiance, fun... these are all talismans to be collected within the journey of being Leo. You are here to shine, and your shine comes from allowing yourself to tap more and more into who you are and allow that being to radiate out into your world." Astrologer Jules Ferrari notes in our Leo horoscope for 2021.

What could ring more true for the Leo soul? Natural born leaders and the brightest of stars, it's about to be Leo season, so strap in for some big confident energy. Fiercely loyal and supercharged with energy, your Leo friend will always have the most luxurious taste in the room, so gift giving is often quite the deal. Thankfully, as a Leo (could you tell?), I know it's all in the details. Rooted in sentiment and the sensory, all a Leo wants is to be adored, and adorned. Scents that rule the room, jewellery imbued with strength, luxurious leather goods, and accessories to turn heads, these are the material things that make a Leo's world go round. If all else fails, that's ok, they'll love you anyway. Below, you can find a comprehensive gift guide for the Leo in your life. Forget the astrological gimmicks and take note of things that will last a lifetime, it's likely everyone knows they are a Leo, anyway.

Le Labo Santal 33

Leo gift guide



Seb Brown Green Pill Ring

Leo gift guide


Worn Store The Stripe Indent Circular Tabouret

Leo gift guide


Bottega Veneta Madame Pumps


Aesop Aganice Candle

Leo gift guide


Alighieri II Leone 24kt Gold Plated Bracelet


Leo gift guide

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, Pablo Neruda


Subtle Bodies Brass Incense Holder iii


Saint Laurent Buckled Leather Belt


Costa Brazil Resina De Breu


Kye Intimates Dive Bra


Celine Triomphe Sunglasses


Officine Universelle Buly Huile Antique Scottish Lichen Dry Body Oil

Leo gift guide


Cohere Studio ROOMMATE


The Row Soft Margaux 17 Bag in Suede


The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


Maison Balzac Champagne Glasses


NV Seleque Solessence Magnum


More Joy By Christopher Kane Sex Silk Satin Pyjamas


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