Fool me once – the most and least trustworthy star signs of the Zodiac

Trust can take years to build, but just a moment to break. You should think carefully about who you give it to, lest you end up broken-hearted.

Here, we share our list of the most and least trustworthy Signs in the Zodiac.


The most trustworthy star signs


If there was one word to describe a Capricorn it is: responsible. These people are not just hard workers, they're incredibly reliable and take their responsibilities seriously. You can trust that Capricorns will keep your secrets. In fact, if you ask them for help or confidence, Capricorns will be there to support you in spades.

The only reason this sign would break your trust is if it was truly in your own best interest. Capricorns are not malicious, they alway try to do the right thing.



Emotional Cancer is born confidant. These deeply compassionate souls are people to whom you can bare your soul. And you can trust that they will keep it to themselves. They're not gossips or manipulators, simply beings who connect with the world around them on an emotional level. If you ask a Cancer for silence and trust, you will have their unconditional loyalty. Even if you end up enemies in the future, Cancer's compassion will never break your trust.



Practically perfect Virgo likes to nitpick but only because they love you. At their hearts, they just want the people around them to flourish. If you ask a Virgo for guidance, advice or to keep a secret, they will come to your aid gladly. Think of Virgo as the mother hen of the Zodiac, she just wants to help you be the best version of yourself and will support you however you need. Even if she does have a tendency to say "I told you so" when you don't follow her advice.



If Virgo is the mum of the Zodiac in this instance, then Aquarius is the father figure. If you move passed their stoic surface facade, Aquarius is actually a deeply emotional creature. They just don't often know how to manage them very well. These innovative communicators are considered trustworthy owing to their ability to be objective. They won't allow their deeper feelings to cloud their judgement and as such are never tempted to spill your secrets in a weak moment.


The least trustworthy star signs


Libra is the sign of balance. They also happens to be the biggest flirts and talkers of the Zodiac. In their need to find equilibrium and talk our their positions, they often can spill the beans on bigger issues in their search for a middle ground. If you and they are involved in an argument, dispute or disagreement amongst friends or family, these are not the people to confide in. They're likely to tell the next person they meet all about your issues in a search for their own personal balance.



Social butterfly Gemini likes to talk. About them and about others. The sign of the twins, these people can be two-faced. At best they are gossips, but at worst they can be duplicitous and deceptive. Not that they necessarily have vindictive intentions, they just really love to keep the conversation flowing. Nothing excites them more than a juicy piece of gossip, even if it's something you asked them to hold in confidence.


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Image: Dario Brönnimann on Unsplash