I’ll be there for you – these are the most compassionate star signs

Sometimes we all need a shoulder to cry on. Someone to hug and hold. A friend when we're in need.

When we look to the zodiac, there are some signs that are more empathetic than the rest. Some that know loyalty and will be there to support you when you need it - and when you think you don't. If you're looking for a friend, a true one that knows what it means to be compassionate, below are the star signs you need in your life.



The most mystical sign of the zodiac, compassion is a hardwired trait for these emotional star signs. As empaths by nature, these signs will do whatever it takes to keep the people around them happy. They're incredibly perceptive and will often know if you're out of sorts, even if you don't know it yourself. Keep these ones close. They know how to listen and will always be ready with a warm hug to calm you.



Cancer is a sign that feels deeply. Much of pop-astrology can label them as 'cry-babies' but this is just because they are affected by the emotions around them. They can almost taste the emotional tone of a room. As such, no other sign will understand you quite as well as a Cancer. These people have time and space for everyone and will always have compassion - whether they know the person or not. Incredibly dependable in times of stress, you'll always want a Cancer in your corner.



Who would have thought the indecisive flirt of the zodiac would also be one of the most compassionate? But they are. Libras are incredibly caring. Because Libras like to see things from all angles before making a decision, they're very adept at putting themselves in other people's shoes and understanding what that would be like. While Libras aren't the sensitive-mystics like Pisces or emotional-huggers like Cancer, they will be able to see things your way and empathise in a way others won't.



Lastly, we land at Virgo. It's a controversial one because this sign is known for being judgemental. But, once you have a Virgo on your side, they'll never leave it. Virgos love unconditionally and their loyalty knows no bounds. This makes them an intensely compassionate sign towards those they consider in their inner circle. But they do not tend to give away their loyalty freely. You'll have to work for it.


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