Demystify your life with these 5 astrology podcasts

So you’ve downloaded your astrology apps, read every magazine horoscope and fancy yourself as a bit of an astrology buff? Why not try adding one of these podcasts to your listening experience. They’re the perfect place to channel your enthusiasm so you can refrain from pestering your close friends, family and sometimes strangers with long-winded analyses of their birth charts.

These five podcasts have all the answers to your questions about transits, signs, planets and houses. And if you turn to astrology for comfort, self betterment, an academic perspective or just plain comic relief look no further. 


1. The Luminaries with David Odyssey

In this astrology podcast host David Odyssey marries our two favourite things: pop culture and all things cosmic. Each week he brings in a guest to help him unpack the charts of cultural icons like Britney Spears, Whoopi Goldberg and Nora Ephron. Fair warning, these episodes will have you cry-laughing in public.



2. Ghost of a Podcast: Astrology & Advice

Ghost of a Podcast is a twice-weekly one stop shop for all things astrology. Host Jessica Lanyadoo will give you the practical advice you need to help yourself. She delves into conversations about money, sex and health and how these intersect with your chart. Listeners can submit their own questions to be answered in the podcast. And if you’re here for your horoscope, Lanyadoo drops one every Sunday so that you can be prepared for the week ahead. 



3. What’s Your Sign?

This one isn’t just for the astrology lovers but the sceptics too. What’s Your Sign hosts do all the heavy lifting to create a digestible break down of everything from the planets, signs, houses and more. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh and you’ll find out why Geminis are so polarising.



4. Stars like us: Astrology with Aliza Kelly

NYC Astrologer Aliza Kelly introduces us to a new guest expert each week where they discuss magick, mythology and pop culture. Designed to be a half talk-show, half astrology school, this podcast pushes past the realm of horoscopes and your sun and rising.



5.The Astrology Podcast

In this podcast you’ll find high-brow conversations around astrology delivered by astrologer Chris Brennan. He looks into the philosophy of astrology and its different interpretations throughout history. It’s geared towards those looking to advance their understanding of astrology past what is considered mainstream. You might want to sit down and focus for this one as it can feel more like a university course than a podcast.



Images: Whats Your Sign Podcast, Ghost of a Podcast, Stars like Us, David Goldberg, The Astrology Podcast