These are the most passionate star signs in the zodiac

When looking at the 12 signs of the zodiac, there are clear personality traits that run through each one.

Some star signs are more sensitive and emotional than others and then there are some that are bold and extroverted. But about passion? Are there some signs that are inherently more passionate, dynamic and fiery than the rest? Of course.

While someone's Sun sign (the sign under which they were born) isn't always the best indication of personality because we're influenced by all the pieces of our astrological chart including our Rising and Moon signs. But, for many people our Sun sign rings true - and these are the Sun signs that are the most intense and passionate.

As a general rule, the most passionate star signs are the fire signs - but there is one or even two that may surprise you.



If you've got one or two Scorpios in your life you'll know that these fervent water signs are intense. They're passionate lovers, hedonists and are rarely bored. These emotional people are all about the spice of life and can be somewhat addictive. Of course their passion extends to anger too. Beware of crossing one of these signs in the wrong way or you'll feel the full brunt of the Scorpio sting.



Leos are bright, loud and vivacious - a fire sign. They aren't shy about signalling what they want and they bring an intensity to all areas of their lives. They're generous in the way they give - and they're generally very thoughtful people. These talkers are passionate in the way they act and love. It's very easy to fall for a Leo.



Another fire sign, those born under Aries tread the line between anger and passion. These bundles of energy are rules by Mars the warrior planet. As such they are capricious folk who are quick to anger and also very quick to love. Although they aren't always ready to settle down, they are very romantic and are intent on winning affection from the object of their eye.



It may seem strange but Libras are also very passionate people. Libra, of course, is ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships. As much as they may try to hide it, Libras are full of intensity and passion for the right people. But note that they are easily turned off. One small thing can shut off their fiery intensity for good.


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