Your May horoscopes: here’s what’s in store for you this month

As we recharge from the intense Scorpio Super Moon, May will be a month of surprises for many of us. Taurus can expect mayhem stemming from a conjunct with Uranus. Leos will feel like the life of the party in the later part of the month. And, Libra's expect some chaotic horniness coming your way.

To see what's in store for you, Astrologer Clarisse Monahan shares your monthly horoscopes below.


In olden times, May Day marked a pagan celebration of fecundity, revelry, sexual license, and topsy-turvy weirdness, where social order was turned upside down, if only temporarily, before things went back to normal in medieval hamlets across Europe and beyond. There is something like a cosmic May Day happening for the Bull on the first of the month. Indeed Uranus, the oddball planet, goes exactly conjunct your Sun on this day. Uranus is wild card energy, while Taurus is fixed, earthy, and somewhat stubborn. Think of this one-day conjunction, then, as the time to let Uranus’s unpredictability turn things upside down a bit in your world. Act accordingly: get a new look, new hair, new wave. Have fun on the first - it will set the tone for the rest of Taurus season, which will be highlighted by Mercury entering your sign on the 3rd for over two months. Mercury will add some zing to the sweetness of the season - activating and energising your leisurely gait, quickening your step. It will also add certainty and confidence to your already thorough decision-making apparatus. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your 2nd House of Finances, where your already shrewd sense with money will find new ways and means for more. 


Last month fiery Mars was in your 1st House of Ego, which may have caused you to feel hot-headed and hard on yourself. This somewhat difficult placement is now over and Mars won’t be back in House 1 for two years. Subconsciously you may, therefore, want to celebrate the end of this transit, but beware: rash Mars hasn’t gone too far. It is now in your 2nd House of Finances, where impulse-purchases could cause money trouble. Your ruling planet, Mercury, the great communicator, enters your sign on the 3rd of May, so you will be feeling supercharged and extra chatty most of the month. Expect quick wit and even more eloquence in social settings, especially until May 29th, when Mercury goes retrograde. To add some luster to your month of May, Venus will also be in your 1st House from the 8th, making you even more persuasive and smooth in speech, action, and appearance. You should view May as an auspicious month for business (which Mercury rules) and money (Venus’s domain). Confidence in contracts, social ease, and charm will be on your side. Also a good month to ask for favours. 


The Sun will be lighting up your 11th House of Friendships until the 20th of the month. Because we are in Taurus season until then, use the first few weeks of May to spend more time with friends, as the Bull’s steady, grounded energy will make you feel especially nurtured amongst them.  The New Moon in Taurus in the 11th House on the 11th of the month is a particularly charged day to be with friends. The Taurus Moon is all about nurturing and self-care - go somewhere luxe with your crew. 

On the 20th, the Sun moves into Gemini and your 12th House of the Unconscious. This transit will be less about friends and more about looking at the past for answers to darker questions. Your emotional nature could get overwhelmed by these ruminations, but thankfully objective Mercury will be transiting the 12th House for all of May. Mercury brings intellectual clarity to things - in this case questions of the past. Rather than feeling drowned in this deep ocean 12th House, you may instead be able to look at yourself from a less emotional, less Cancererian point of view. With Venus entering the 12th House from the 8th of May,  perhaps an impartial vantage on past love will bring answers to questions long obscured. 


Your ruling planet, the Sun, shines brightest and best for you in the 1st House of Self but it also loves to be in your 10th House of Career, where we find it gallivanting until the 20th of May. Accordingly the first three weeks of the month will be all about business, particularly getting recognition at work by bosses and peers for a job well done. Because we will be in Taurus season, which has to do in part with material comforts and gain, there might be added financial bonus to this recognition in the form of raises or promotions. On the 20th, the Sun switches to your 11th House of Friendship with Gemini season. This placement can make you feel like the life of the party. Indeed Gemini energy will bestow on you the gift of gab. But beware: you could come across as needy and overly talkative. This transit is about you being part of a group - not the centre of attention. Add wit to conversation but be careful not to dominate it. Encourage, listen, and give counsel like salt (only when it’s asked for).


You start the month on a more philosophical tip, as the Sun in Taurus will be energising your 9th House of Truth and Higher Learning for the first three weeks of May. When it comes to truths, your practical nature tends toward more practical knowledge. You prefer books on how to fix a problem with concrete policies. But the Taurus Sun has a more luxurious bent. There is something a bit decadent to it. So rather than study, say, how to install countertops in the kitchen, indulge something more excessive and impractical when it comes to learning this May. Immerse yourself in the opulent prose of Proust’s “Swann’s Way,” even if you give it up  after a couple weeks, which is when the Sun moves into Gemini and the more practical 10th House of Career. Business-minded Mercury will also be in the 10th House all month (and into July), so you have a strong career-transit happening: Mercury’s precision+Gemini’s cerebral creativity is potent . Keep in mind, though, that Mercury is very detail oriented, as are you, Virgo, so be careful not to get too technical in your speech at work. Let some of Gemini’s flightiness lift your career up. 


Your ruling planet, Venus, and the Sun are both in your 8th House of Intimacy, Sex, and Mystery til the 8th, so the first week of May might find you feeling erotically charged. Romantically this might manifest in an attraction to more mysterious types. The Venus/Sun placement in the 8th House will pull you from your more indecisive nature toward a desire for intimate bonds. War-likeMars will be in your 10th House of Career until June 11th: beware of competitive behaviour with colleagues and the urge to do battle. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your 9th House of Philosophy, Truth, and Higher Learning. This shift will occur during Gemini season, which is known for a time of both for cerebral heights but also flightiness. This Gemini energy, when combined with your at times indecisive Libra nature, will make the last 10 days of the month feel dilettantish. That’s okay. Indulge a form of higher learning and truth that isn’t laser focused but spread out, like the endless, fascinating branch work of the Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans).


On the 3rd of May, Mercury enters into your 8th House of Intimacy, Sex, Death, and Mystery.  This is known as the “Sherlock Holmes” transit, because Mercury - always precise and analytical - starts to function as a kind of detective in this shadowy 8th House realm of private matters and intimate liaisons. Expect Mercury to galvanise your already penetrating nature into deep and, at times, dark places. And then on the 20th, the Sun moves into your 8th House, too, further highlighting issues of Selfhood and intimacy. Keep in mind that we also move into Gemini season on the 20th, which will add doubleness and intrigue to your sense of identity. So basically this month has the air of a mystery novel about it for you - a narrative likely rife with new discoveries and clues about you and those with whom you share your deepest, darkest bonds.



There is a bit of an astrological storm on the horizon for you this month. Part One: Taurus season brings steadiness but with the Sun also transiting your 6th House of Routine, Heath, and Diet until the 20th, your more free-wheeling nature may interpret this transit as monotonous and heavy. Venus, Planet of Love, is also in your House of Partnerships from the 8th of May onward, so there may be a temptation to see love-life (Venus) as a routine (Taurus+6th House).  Part Two: the Sun moves into your 7th House of Partnerships and Marriage on the 20th. It’s at this point that we enter Gemini season, too. So you may be feeling like you want freedom (Gemini+Sag) or that you want to create some distance with partners (Gemini’s double nature). Finally you have a lunar eclipse in your 1st House of Self on the 26th. Eclipses forebode change and in the 1st House this can mean self-defining acts - perhaps reclaiming a self that has been put out of balance by partnerships.  Recognise all these impulses at play this month - and accordingly but not rashly.


Your reserved nature could be tested this month as fire-starter Mars heats up your 7th House of Relationships. You may be irritated and annoyed in partnerships but this fire may also add a bit of amor and spice to your life, as well, especially with the Sun blazing in your 5th House of Romance and Fun until the 20th. Remember that we are in Taurus season, too, so your penchant for fine things will be doubled up by Taurus’ similarly sybaritic inclinations. The first three weeks should be seen as a time for upscale romantic fun - all with a frisson of pulsing Mars energy underneath your decadent overtures. All in all, a good time for the smouldering Goat. From the 20th of May onwards, the Sun in the 6th House of Routine brings you back to your more productive, reserved Self.


Here comes a lovely month for the Waterbearer. You’ve got Taurus season popping with the Sun in your 4th House of Home until the 20th. Taurus energy is earthy, rich, stable, solid, and warm. In other words, it counterbalances the air-conditioned vibes that cold Saturn brought to your sign back in December. While your nature is to be a bit detached, you will nonetheless welcome Taurus warming up your home life and connecting you more to your surroundings. What’s more, the Sun moves into Gemini and your 5th House of Fun and Romance toward the end of the month where it will be joining Venus. Venus loves fun, play, and flirting, so the 5th House is the Planet of Love’s choice site of joy. This Venus transit will be about connection, romance, togetherness, and technicolor. Last but not least: Jupiter, the Big Boss, moves to your 2nd House of Money and Security on the 13th. Jupiter expands things but it has been squelched in your 1st House by penny-pinching Saturn since December. Now Jupiter  is finally breaking away from Saturn’s control for a couple months and is going to want to party a bit. If money has felt tight, it might feel less so. Or if you’ve been saving up your cash under Saturn’s accountant eyes, you might now feel like spending some of those ducats and living a little.


On the 13th, generous Jupiter - the cool Uncle of the Zodiac, enters into your sign until July for a great two month transit. Let the good times roll. Jupiter is all about expansion and breaking boundaries. Since Pisces already operates in a world without borders, this Jupiter placement in your 1st House of Self will create an even greater sense of broad mindedness, compassion, and charity.  Think of this as a two month taste of a year-long Jupiter transit starting for you at the end of this year (December 2021). On the 20th, the Sun moves into your 4th House of Home. Sun+Jupiter in this House will make your Pisces nature feel at ease in the world--like your living room is everywhere. Be careful not to get too loose and expansive though. Jupiter can also bring excess - eating more, drinking more, weight gain. So let the good times roll - but avoid the urge to reach for the extra jam doughnut. 


War-like Mars, your ruling planet, is in Cancer this month, with a particular emphasis on your 4th House of Home. This is an odd placement because the watery nature of the Crab somewhat befuddles Mars who doesn’t really know what to fight for when in this sign. Some consequences of this confusion: you might feel emotional tensions at home or find yourself fighting for no reason, as Cancer might bring out deep, troubling feelings that trigger Mars’ impulse to do battle. But since we are in Taurus season until the 20th, and since the Bull prefers comfort and stability, you may instead find yourself more focused on home improvement projects. The New Moon on the 11th in your 2nd House of Value and Money bodes well financial matters that day. The Sun moves into your 5th House of Fun and Romance on the 20th. You’ll want to get out of the home, where all that Taurus energy was concentrated, and be with friends, lifted on breezy Gemini season chat about who said what to whom.

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Image; Maarten Verstraete on Unsplash