What to know about the sensual Taurus New Moon this May

Our May New Moon reaches us on the evening of May 11 - technically at its least visible point in the early hours of May 12 at 4:59am. Anyone who was hoping for a reprieve from the intensity of the last few weeks should know there is something good in store. This New Moon will be full of earthly delights.

Falling in the Earth sign of Taurus, the Moon will join the Sun and Uranus which are also sitting in this particular sign. Whenever the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign, we'll always feel the energy around us much more intensely. With the Sun ruling our external personality (the traits we display to the world) and the Moon ruling our inner selves (the person we are when we're alone), we'll be feeling Taurus's influence on both sides of ourselves.


What to take and how to manage the May New Moon in Taurus 2021

If you're going to feel extra energy from one sign, Taurus is the sign you'd hope for. Loyal and reliable, Tauruses are known for their love of beauty, nature and slow living, because they adore nothing more than luxuriating amidst a realm of beautiful things. Since this sign is ruled by sensual Venus, Taurean energy brings a sense of serenity, comfort and joy in simple things. It's a feeling that will make you want to cuddle up by a fire, enjoy the beauty of a nature walk, and feel totally at peace in your home and space - exactly the type of energy you want to feel when the weather is cold. Be prepared to want to hibernate and be very happy about it.

Of course, Tauruses can also be a tad stubborn and err on the side of materialistic. So this New Moon may have you itching to buy that designer bag you've been looking at, and refusing to listen to anyone that tells you it's a bad idea. This mood is heightened by rebellious Uranus, which will also be in Taurus, daring you to break the rules. Some advice: keep these influence in mind if the desire to drop a whole month's salary on one thing suddenly overtakes you. Have some perspective and do your best to listen to those closest to you. But on the scale of negative or toxic energy, this ranks very low. All in all, prepare for a soothing New Moon offering us a chance to refresh and appreciate the small luxuries.

The New Moon is the close of the previous lunation and the birth of the coming one. It is a time to set intentions and place yourself in a healthy place ahead of the next Moon Cycle. It is the moment to engage in manifestations and the most powerful time to engage in a Moon ritual. As such, New Moons are always particularly refreshing and offer a time to rid ourselves of the themes we do not wish to take with us into the new lunation. Be particularly mindful of this and try to make a staunch effort to shed any negativity so you can enjoy the elegant flourishes of Taurus energy in truth.


Who will be most affected by the May New Moon in Taurus 2021?

All our signs will be affected by this New Moon, and mostly in positive and happy ways. Of course those most likely to feel the full force of the Taurus New Moon are, of course, Tauruses. Being surrounded by all the earth vibes mean Tauruses will be in their element. Expect smooth sailing and lots of cosiness. Just don't let Uranus challenge you to shrug off the rules and march to your own tune. Stay loyal and stay reliable, it's what everyone loves about you.

Sagittariuses may feel slightly oppressed by this New Moon. These wanderers and explorers don't love sitting in the one place for too long, and this New Moon is encouraging us to stay put, luxuriate on a lounge and indulge in a proverbial bunch of grapes. It won't sit particularly well with our Sagittarius friends and they may be feeling out of sorts when everyone wants to enjoy the comforts of home instead of heading out to party. But it won't last long, give others their space, they'll come back out when they're ready.

Pisces can also expect to feel this New Moon intensely. The most mystic and creative sign of the zodiac will take this slowdown as an opportunity. You'll feel energised by the earthy and sensual energy around you. And with Uranus encouraging you to double down and break a few rules, your creative spirit will be heightened. Get arty, explore new avenues and remember the sky is the limit.


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Images: Aron Visuals on Unsplash