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Everything to know about Zendaya’s secret film ‘Malcolm & Marie’

Malcolm & Marie

As it turns out, Zendaya was using her isolation to work on a secret project.

The 23-year-old has announced that she's been filming a new movie called Malcolm & Marie. It's currently in the post-production phase and will be with viewers very soon.

So, the reason you're only just hearing about this now is because the movies was produced in secret during the mandated isolation and quarantine period. It's said that all cast and crew had to quarantine for two weeks prior to the commencement of production - from there, they all maintained strict safety protocols. It just goes to show, we can still find ways to persevere and stay creative even in the middle of a global pandemic.

Zendaya plays the lead int he new movie alongside John David Washington. And it's been written and directed by Euphoria creator Sam Levinson. As one of the stars of the series Euphoria, Zendaya reached out to Levinson when their series was put on hold. She called and asked him if he could write and direct a movie that they could film in quarantine. And he delivered.

The entire movie was shot between June 17 and July 2. It's now wrapped and is in its final phases. But unfortunately we don't have a release date just yet.

We're also a little unsure of what the movie is actually about. According to Deadline, the movie has a similar vibe to Marriage Story - the Netflix original starring Scarlett Johansson and majestic dream man, Adam Driver. But it also includes some modern social themes that echo what the world is currently feeling right now.

Our period of isolation has certainly been the catalyst for a new era of creativity. We've seen everyone from Jacquemus to our own Josie Musgrave pull together amazing photoshoots over FaceTime. Fashion Weeks have turned into democratic virtual events. Dior recently debuted its couture collection with a stylised film. And musical artists like DMA'S are making gigs smaller but far more intimate. While this time has been devastating, we can take solace in the notion that creativity still blooms.

We can't wait to see how Malcolm & Marie will take shape. Watch this space for more details as they emerge.