Watch Dior’s AW 2020-21 haute couture show live

dior la theatre de la mode

For those of us that have been extensively pondering the future of fashion, we're getting a little taste of our new reality today.

Dior is live streaming its AW20 haute couture show on 6 July - today at 2:30pm Parisian time which is 10:30pm for those of us on the East Coast of Australia.

The couture collection will be unveiled in a film directed by the Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone. Garrone is the creative mind behind Tale of Tales and Dogman. In a teaser for the upcoming show, Dior's creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri discusses Garrone and the inspirations for the show.

One of her key sources of inspiration for both this unique show and the collection is Le théatre de la Mode - which was a touring exhibition during 1945 and 1946. Le théatre de la Mode captivated the attention of the beauty-deprived public in Europe and America during the early post-war period. It was an exhibit of fashion mannequins, approximately 1/3 the size of human scale, crafted by Paris fashion designer and helped breathe new life and creativity into the lives of those who were lucky enough to see the spectacle.

It's certainly a relevant allegory in the current climate. And it is certainly admirable and impressive that Dior has chosen a democratic way to share this unique story and collection. The house has previously shown its AW 20 in February live, and we're glad to see this become something of a tradition.

Tune in here to watch the show come to life, live at 2:30pm Parisian time.

While you wait for this magical event, take a look at the Dior teasers.

In the first video, Maria Grazia Chiuri shares her inspirations and talks in depth on Le théatre de la Mode . The reveals the vintage photos of the artists and fashion creators that came together for this unique travelling exhibition.

The second video spotlights the talented makers at Dior and guides us through their creative process. It's truly astounding to see exactly what goes into a single garment, let along an entire collection.