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Hermès mens spring summer 2021 collection is a virtual dream


Hermès has aired their recent Spring-summer 2021 men's collection via an Instagram live on Sunday evening, and it couldn't be more of a dream.

Today's fashion landscape looks vastly different from the same time last year. Instead of gathering in Paris for men's week for the seasons ahead, Brands are being forced to think differently about the ways we preview collections thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Through the lens of sustainability, there has been talk about the industries need to make changes during show seasons for some time, so it's interesting to witness that now, change is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

As we witness brands navigate the landscape at hand  - with no real signs of our current reality shifting any time soon - it has been an interesting unfolding of innovation amongst creatives and brands. Hermès' Spring-summer 2021 men's collection was no exception to this.

Via an Instagram live airing Sunday Evening, the brand created a backstage show environment on film, beginning with closed curtains and text reading "the show will begin soon" and eventually moving through shots of male models being dressed, waiting to be called, and strolling around the space. The film managed to capture the anticipation of a backstage environment just 10 minutes before a show begins, with building music and directors requesting in french that cameramen and lighting technicians be ready. Male models were ushered through shots by stylists and dressers while wearing everything you'd want in a holiday wardrobe, no matter how you identify.

Pastel Blues, limes and yellows were layered with whites, pale greys and taupe, creating a palette that could only be associated with a stroll along the french riviera and balmy nights. Pastel poplin shirting and suiting was combined with pullover knitwear and straight-leg pants with woven leather sandals for the perfect European dream feel.

Watch the full film below.


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