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Timothée Chalamet reveals how he is preparing for his latest role as Bob Dylan

Timothée Chalamet Bob Dylan film

Earlier this year, it was announced that our boy Timothée Chalamet had been cast to play music legend, Bob Dylan, in an upcoming biopic. It's called Going Electric, and it focuses on Dylan's early life.

The new was the pick-me-up entertainment story we all desperately needed. Now several months later, Chalamet has revealed exactly how he has been preparing himself for the daunting role.

Speaking with GQ, the actor shared that he was invited out to dinner by one half of the iconic directing duo, the Coen brothers. Conversing over a steak with Joel Coen, Chalamet sought advice from the director on how to approach his role as Dylan, aware of the extensive research the director undertook to produce his 2013 film Inside Llewyn Davis – which was loosely based on the scene the musician began his career in.

“He almost seemed weary of even talking about this stuff, it was so big and potent,” shared Chalamet. The Call Me By Your Name actor also revealed that one of Coen's insights that resonated with him the most was in relation to Dylan's creative output.

“The truly incredible thing about Dylan was not so much the quality, which was obvious, but the quantity—the rapid amount of work in short succession, one groundbreaking album after another, in those early years," the Fargo director reportedly noted.

Chalamet also explained that he rented a cabin at Woodstock for the month of July to prepare for his role as Dylan; sharing that the cabin featured a shrine-like wall devoted to the musician and the music he produced during his time there in the 1960s.

What's Going Electric about?

Going Electric, directed by James Mangold – who worked on cultural classics like Girl, Interrupted and Walk The Line, will explore Dylan's rise to fame, with a particular focus on the moment the musician traded his acoustic guitar for an electric guitar. The decision sparked significant backlash from folk purists, and ultimately led to Dylan embracing rock music.

The best part? The filmmakers have received the green light from Bob Dylan and the rights to use his music, which



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The much-awaited biopic is not the only project on Chalamet's plate. 2020 has been a significant year for the American actor, with news that he will be playing the leading role in Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Frank Herbert's iconic science-fiction novel, Dune, as well as being casted in new film, Don't Look Up.

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