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Zendaya’s street style has very cosy energy


She debuted on Disney Channel and was cute back then, but her role as Rue in Euphoria was when she really captured our hearts.

Off-screen, Zendaya's late winter street style has been lurking in our saved folders just waiting to be put to use as soon as the cold-snap emerges. Now that winter has bust down Autumn's door like Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia, we're gearing up to do some copying (of Zendaya, not Lucy).

Ordinarily, her casual style which seems to consist of loungewear and sneakers would not be something that I - someone who is -40% less cool than Zendaya -would usually feel encouraged to wear. But isolation has gotten the best of me, and my coolness lends less and less relevance to the need of comfort and warmth.


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Known primarily for her role in Euphoria and essentially reaching megastar status shortly after, her flawless red carpet looks are what many see her do best. From a style perspective at least. She experiments with the chic-est of looks.  Zendaya has even championed local Australian golden child designer Christopher Esber's gowns multiple times on the red carpet, elevating Esber's clothing to IT-girl status with her torso exposed. There is nothing she can't carry off.


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Though she looks constantly spotless attending media appearances (those eyebrows, that makeup, those backless dresses!), she is considerably and understandably paired back when it comes to taking a trip to Target. Imagery from such appearances is what lives in our saved folders, there's just something about a bare face, a long coat and a pair of Vans that speaks to us deeply.


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We are almost certain that referencing Zendaya's style will not be nearly as well-executed as she herself carries off a baggy t-shirt and a pair of men's pants, but we'll continue to give it a crack until someone advises otherwise.

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