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KITX is launching a virtual warehouse sale this week

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KITX is one of those brands that we'll forever be excited about.
So, when this label announces a sale, we mark our calendars.
KITX will be hosting its coveted virtual warehouse sale on June 3 - tomorrow. Staying in and staying home doesn't mean you have to miss out. This sale will be happening online on the KITX website and it will feature up to 70% off past-season styles and one-off samples.
The sales cycle can often be environmentally-unfriendly, encouraging over-production and over-consumption. But warehouse sales are often different. End of season and sample sales will often prevent excess stock from ending up in landfill or from being destroyed. Sales like this particular KITX event are a fabulous way of picking up well-made pieces in a more conscious fashion.
Here are all the details you need to know.
KITX Virtual Warehouse Sample Sale 
WHAT: Up to 70% off KITX styles, including one-off samples and pieces from 
Free domestic shipping on all orders 
WHEN:Wednesday 3rd June - Sunday 7th June
WHERE: available online at
KITX is a designer we love. Transparent and active, this label is truly doing its part in the fight for a more sustainable future. One of the biggest aspects of the brand's sustainability efforts is its sustainable sourcing. Every material used is sourced consciously. KITX uses three pillars to guide its efforts: natural, upcycle and artisan. The brand looks to only natural fabrics that can efficiently decompose or upcycled and recycled litter or discarded fabric to craft its pieces. It also focuses on old artisan techniques to manufacture its clothing in an effort to increase global workforce inclusivity.
Minimising our impact on the planet is an important value for modern-day brands to hold. As has been well documented, most of the world's pollution comes from the top 100 companies. We need change at a company and individual level. You can read more about KITX's sustainable practices on its Our Promise page.